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    Hacking NDS lite replacement kit

    Hi all... it's beet a month since my DS got broken, and it's very unpleasent to play with ): (can't wait to play all of the new releases)... all i need is to buy one of the replacement kits... there are two main choices: to buy an official DS replacement kit or not, also in the not official...
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    Gaming Any stratgy games with depth?

    Hi all... For some time I'm looking for sime good stratgy game for the DS. I'm sure this is a question that easy to answer, but the thing is i'm looking for a good stratgy game, and by saying good I mean more then "produce units -> attack" stratgy in most games. Games who has depth and you need...
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    Gaming Yu Gi Oh 2008

    How many battles do I need to do in the championship mode to unlock more opponents??
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    Gaming Looking for "Advanced Wars" fantasy game?

    Is there a real time\turn based fantasy themed strategy game you can recomaned? I prefer something like Advanced Wars but any thing will do.
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    Hacking SanDisk (micro card 1 GB)??

    Is it a good card (SD) for R4?
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    Gaming MY GOD! Any RPG not filled with...

    Cute - bunny/slimy - pink loving - figures/monsters/companions? Damm who am I need to ***** with so they publish one?!
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    Gaming Anno 1701 upper screen color problem

    Hi all! I got tried play Anno 1701, but when I play the upper screen show the graphics with crazy colors instead of normal ones, and the text is not understandable. I'm using M3 and I don't have color problems with the upper screen with other games. what can I do to solve this problem?
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    ROM Hack How to program app/game for the DS?

    Hi all... How do you make Homebrow for the DS? that program language/tools do you use?
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    Hacking Where to get??

    Hi all... Finally I decided to buy M3 simply, the thing is I don't know many sites which sells it. I tried divineo but the item is not available righ now. what other places can you recomend?
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    Hacking Opera browser + M3 (slot 2) + M3 simply

    Hi all... I hope this question fit's to this forum... Opera browser + M3 (slot 2) + M3 simply, will this combination work?
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    Misc different publish (U/E)

    Hi all Don't know how to ask the question so I break it to two... Does the WIFI has different servers for each region? (USA, europe) and if so does the publish version (U/E/J) has any effect to which server I'll be connected?? if anyone can spread some light on that issue it will be good.
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    Gaming Any RPG's with multiplayer?

    Hi all... is there any RPG out there that has multiplayer? or does anyone know a cooperative game? (brothers in arms maybe?)
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    Hacking Better converting video software?

    Hi all... I tried the M3 Movie convertor (latest version), but the result wasn't so much in good quality, is there another movie conventor I can use, that maybe convert the file and not decrease it's quality??
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    Gaming 0682 - Final Fantasy III (USA)(Psyfer) problem

    I'm trying to play FF3 on my M3 SD, but when the ROM is loading the screens turns white and the game is not working. any one know's that this all about?
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    Gaming Clue\Mouse Trap....

    Hi all... I heard that a GBA compilation has released for the DS, it's 4 games in 1 and it include: the clue, mouse trap, prefection and agrresion. any one know of such a rom or any info at all?
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    ROM Hack Moonshell and equalizer for the DS.

    What is the latest version of the Moonshell (for M3)?? Mainly I'm using my M3 media player to play mp3, but the soud quality is sucks!, is there an equalizer program for the DS? or an mp3 player with equalizer (in case Moonshell doesn't)?
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    Hacking about charging the DS

    when the battary is fully charged (the orange led turns out) do I have to unplugged the DS from the recharger or it can stay connected with no problems of harm done?
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    Hacking Problem with running homebrew

    I'm using nintendo DS lite, with M3 SD (v29) and a passcard (it looks like that ) every time I'm trying to run a homebrew, it shows a loading red bar and just freeze. I'm using *.ds.gba files (for my matter) but still does't work. do I have to...
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    Hacking problem with media card transfered data

    Hi all... I have nintendo DS lite, and I'm using M3(v29) with passme3. the thing is that each second time (or something like that) I'm transfering files to my SD (lexar media, 1g) card the data on the card is defiled, instead of showing me my Music folder and stuff, it show a bunch of gibrish...
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    ROM Hack Any Magic:the gathering homebrew project?

    don't know if it's the right place to ask this, but does any one know if there's a M:TG home brew project like apprentice for PC and alike?
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