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    Hacking Wiiware with Wiiflow

    Hey guys. I tried to look for this and havent found a real walk through on it. I have a wii softmodded for 4.3 using the smash brothers hack. I am loading games via usb external hard drive. I have come across a very large collection of wiiware games that are all .wad files. Is there anyway...
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    Hacking Copied my USB hard drive and games wont load

    So I have done this before. I formatted with WBFS and then cloned my hard drive with a whole lot of games on it to another drive. It took a long time and seemed to work fine. In WBFS it says the games are on the second drive just fine. Problem is when I go to play them with wiiflow they do...
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    Hacking Rock Band Instruments with 4.3.

    I use the newest wiiflow with the hack for 4.3 using Smash Bros Brawl. I also was able to figure out loading the new ios to get Black Ops working. The one thing I cant seem to ever get right is being able to use my instruments with Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero games. Any advice would be...
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    Hacking Removing Stubbed Ios error

    I am following the soft mod guide and when I get to the steps of using multimod manager to remove the stubbed ios's I get error removing stubbed ios for 222, 223 and 249. Any idea how I can get this stubbed ios's removed? I am stuck until I get around that. THank you for your help in advance!
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    Hacking Help getting Rock Band Instruments to work

    I have a hacked Wii with both WiiFlow and GX USB Loader on it. I play the games off of a usb hard drive. Most of all of the 200 plus games I have backed up play just fine but I cannot get my rock band instruments to show up so we can play those games. Any advice would be great and step by...
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    Gaming How do I install 56 so that instruments work?

    I cant find good instructions and the files needed to get my rockband instruments to work with my soft modded wii? Anyone have a good how to on this? Thank you.
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