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  1. idlesiren

    Homebrew Decrypt9WIP won't launch, blackscreen, then throws me back to Homebrew Launcher

    Just wanted to thank you because you totally saved me the headache of this... a big ole duh with a capital D! Thanks so much!
  2. idlesiren

    Hacking [RELEASE] OurLoader - Region free disk loader

    Just a heads up when I tried Project Zero (only game so far) I didn't do step 2 and it loaded up perfectly fine. I'll even make a video of it later. I went straight to homebrew and loaded OurLoader, but this might be the case for only this game. JP Wii U and EU copy of Project Zero
  3. idlesiren

    Hacking [NEED TESTERS] OurLoader - Region free disk loader It worked!!!!! I popped in the UK disk (to my JP console), loaded up OurLoader and hit A to load the disk and BAM! Plays like a charm. I'm going to have to ask some friends to borrow their NA game disks now. Cheers and...
  4. idlesiren

    Hacking Wii U - Save Files Compilation

    I have a save of Nuregarasu no Miko (Project Zero V), though it's not complete. It's only finished on Normal Mode. I'll have to figure out how to extract it. I finished it when the game first released in Japan ages ago. I also have a mostly complete save of Mario Kart 8 JP but my boyfriend and...
  5. idlesiren

    Hacking [NEED TESTERS] OurLoader - Region free disk loader

    I'm expecting a physical copy of project zero PAL sometime this week! Can't wait to test this on my JP Wii u. I have no doubts it'll work. You guys are amazing! I'll report back my findings soon.
  6. idlesiren

    Hacking [NEED TESTERS] OurLoader - Region free disk loader

    I have a Japanese Wii U, I'll borrow some NA games to test it out and report back my findings :)
  7. idlesiren

    Hacking [RELEASE] Regionthree: Region Free loader for 3DS/2DS/xl from 9.0~9.4, Sky3DS Users, regionfree!!

    You should just be able to save the .dat file onto the sd card when it opens. You would access the sd card like any other hard drive or usb :) Once you've inserted the sd card into your computer or card reader, go to My Computer and it will show a card with 3ds/nintendo data. Drop the .dat file...
  8. idlesiren

    Hacking Project Zero/Fatal Frame 5 requires 5.1.2 update

    Thanks for the heads up! I've imported a JP Wii U to play Zero V and I'm happy for the heads up. As it's apparently not going to break vWii I'm not worried about updating. Keep up the good work guys and girls
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