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  1. brunno159

    Hacking [WTT] USA SecureInfo_A for EUR

    As Title says..
  2. brunno159

    Hacking Bricked on Gateway Ultra [ My fault]

    Ok, look what i've done...I've got a 4.5 3ds xl. And i used to backup my emunands...Well ive got a 9.2 Nand.bin here and tryed to restore it with gateway. Well i've used the gateway menu and restored it... Well then, i restarted my 3ds and well, now all ive got is a black screen of death. I know...
  3. brunno159

    Hacking 3ds XL Nand

    Ok, just correct me if this looks silly. I got a 4.5 3ds xl, and i've been using gateway for a while now. But there's this keys problem. I was wondering it possible to solder something like a switch on my nand that i can put let's say a sdcard on one end and the NAND on the other, so i can...
  4. brunno159

    Hacking Pokemon local trade

    Ok, i'm using pokemon y on version 1.1. Local trade works right? well, my idea it possible to create a fake local trade? eg: you capture data from a normal local trade, and you make so you can do it again via pc, or will the checksum fail. i dont care if the trade fails, i just want to...
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