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    ROM Hack Question Super Mario Odyssey Level Editor

    The only public level editor for SMO I've found is OdysseyEditor by exelix11 which hasn't been updated since 2019 and is now archived on GitHub. Are there any other public level editors (or forks of OdysseyEditor not on GitHub)?
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    Hacking Question Does anyone have the SX Album NRO?

    In @PRAGMA's SX OS thread he mentions dumping the Album NRO from SX OS, patching it, and releasing it on Twitter. However, he took his thread down and his Twitter has been suspended (unless I have the wrong Twitter account). Does anyone have this patched Album NRO?
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    ROM Hack [REQUEST] Super Mario Maker NTR Cheat

    I've been looking for a way to unlock everything in Super Mario Maker recently, but was told that using someone else's save file was impossible. So I looked for some cheats, but the only one I can find is outdated and no longer works. Does anyone have a functioning NTR cheat? I would appreciate...
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