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    ROM Hack What does 3dsexplore trim?

    I have Sky3DS+ for my N3DS XL. And I can play the games with or more than 4Gs using 3dsexplore. But, can I know what is really trimmed by 3dsexplore? Does 3dsexplore sacrifice the quality of ROM (like reducing the image resolution) or remove the contents from game?
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    Hacking Emunand 10.7 without GW?

    I only have a Sky3DS+ flashcard. Is there any way I can run the latest Emunand (current one is 10.7) without GW? My requirement is to play GBA on Virtual Console. Now I'm on Sysnand 10.7 and will downgrade it to 9.2 since I know that I must have Sysnand 9.2 or below in order to use VC with GBA...
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    Homebrew Play GBA via VC on Sysnand 10.7?

    N3DS XL: SysNand 10.7. I only want to use VC to play GBA rom. What's the best method so far? I searched online for a while. It looks like the only possible way is to use GW3DS/MT-Card Multikernel MK01-2 which is an emulator. Is there anyway I can use the built-in VC to play GBA rom on SysNand 10.7?
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