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  1. ClassyDragon

    Hacking BootNTR Selector ARM11 exception

    Thanks, it worked! I must have missed that when looking for solutions :P
  2. ClassyDragon

    Hacking BootNTR Selector ARM11 exception

    Hey guys. I'm on a N3DS-XL running the latest firmware (11.14) with the latest version of Luma3DS and I'm trying to use wireless capture with NTR CFW. I've used the instructions from this thread to install the latest version of BootNTR Selector with the PabloMK7 banner. I can save the settings...
  3. ClassyDragon

    Want to learn to code, where to start

    My university started us with C++, and I've learned some others along the way. The way I learned the most was finding projects or coming up with something I wanted to make and just trying to do that. Obviously start with simple things. Eventually you learn how to break up a large task into...
  4. ClassyDragon

    What is the best graphics engine for C++

    I personally only have experience with the SFML library. It's a pretty intuitive system for 2D games but I haven't really looked into its 3D capabilities. I've also heard good things about GLFW, which is what I plan on learning next. SFML makes setting up windows easy and provides a bunch of...
  5. ClassyDragon

    Healthcare in the USA is a joke and I'll tell you why

    I can't blame you. I love America but our healhcare system is in need of massive reform. I can't imagine myself living somewhere else but I worry everyday about having another emergency, one where life and death could be determined by my insurance's decision to cover me. It's sad to see other...
  6. ClassyDragon

    Healthcare in the USA is a joke and I'll tell you why

    The healthcare system here has been a bad experience for me personally. I have insurance and yet I still have nearly had to pay full price for an emergency procedure because my insurance refused to. I know plenty of people who can't afford healthcare and would probably be screwed if they had the...
  7. ClassyDragon

    New Here. Wanna talk about Games' Stories and Characters

    I heavily anticipated Fates when it released and was very disappointed with it. I've played most Fire Emblem games, including the Japanese only releases, and some of the aspects that didn't seem to carry into Fates were good worlds, a likable protagonist, good map design, and a passable story...
  8. ClassyDragon

    First Wii Mini exploit found

    Wow!! I just love the idea of cracking a system that has had all but the necessary openings removed. I've never even owned a Wii Mini but this is really amazing :)
  9. ClassyDragon

    Nintendo Switch Online membership numbers revealed; over 9.8 million users have signed up

    I've only used my subscription for Splatoon and Tetris 99 actually :rofl: Hoping to use it for Smash and Stardew Valley soon though! Hopefully with all these subscriptions, they consider adding more VC than just NES...
  10. ClassyDragon

    Nintendo seemingly leaks Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder

    The game appears to be running on a retail Switch in the video, meaning Nintendo would've had to go through the effort of putting a new build onto a retail version of the game for this single shot. It's very unlikely they did something this complex on accident.
  11. ClassyDragon

    ROM Hack [UPDATE] The Great Ace Attorney - Complete English Patch Released

    About to start playing! Thank you guys so much for doing this <3 I've been wanting to play this for years since finishing GK2
  12. ClassyDragon

    What game are you playing right now

    Playing through Breath of the Wild a year after my finishing my first playthrough... actually really enjoying it lol
  13. ClassyDragon

    Do you REALLY remember your FIRST Video game ?

    Definitely remember mine, and still have it actually. Super Mario Sunshine, back on Christmas of '03 lol
  14. ClassyDragon

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    You can install TWiLight Menu as a .cia and use the ndsbootstrap to play DS games without a flashcart. There are some instructions for setting it up in the link that you posted. :)
  15. ClassyDragon

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    Depends on the flashcart. The 3ds has a built-in whitelist of some flashcarts, although they stopped updating it after a while. You can also update some of the older flashcarts to make them work, although it might require another ds that doesn't have the whitelist. Generally if you buy a new...
  16. ClassyDragon

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    On 11.9, your only other option is seedminer. Use the guide here:
  17. ClassyDragon

    Monolith Soft is hiring development staff for The Legend of Zelda series

    New Zelda to follow Link's Awakening?? I'm intrigued by the possibility :O
  18. ClassyDragon

    New Minecraft update removes references to creator "Notch"

    It's a smart business move. Notch sold the game (for a lot of money) so MS is free to distance its game with such wide appeal from a guy with such controversial opinions. Still kinda sad to see it happen though. Haven't followed the supposed Twitter fiasco but I remember him being a pretty...
  19. ClassyDragon

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    There's a 3DS transfer tool to download from the dsi shop app. Despite being closed, it's still available. I believe this transfers all compatible dsi games and the saves for them!
  20. ClassyDragon

    Hacking 3DS NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    i see. if you're booting from ctrnand but the payloads are on your sd card, they won't read unfortunately. you can put the payloads on the ctrnand as well but I've never tried that before.
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