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  1. genuisgeek

    Gaming help with network printer connection

    hi im trying to install a driver on my new laptop its 64bit and running home prem so far i have a desktop and another laptop that are both runnin XP Pro SP3 and they both connect fine to my printer Canon i850 so i tried installing my printer using network method and it detected the...
  2. genuisgeek

    how do i install speech to text software??

    well i want to try out a speech to text software since i write a lot so it would be fun to try out. i tried installing the speech thing in word 2003 but it said that the cd was incorrett or something even though it was an office disk that had all the files. so do u guys recommend any software...
  3. genuisgeek

    Homebrew multiple homebrew apps using "data" folder

    my point is that is there a way to not have a same folder name conflict when using homebrew apps that use the name "data" as a root directory folder such as bunjaloo, DSAIM, jabberds, etc. it seems to be in the way of using them cuz they all contain different files.
  4. genuisgeek

    Gaming planning on installing a linux os system

    before i go on to installing ubuntu i want to know the downsides to a linux system i havent realy used them before and im not really a computer techy im a windows XP user who has like a cheap budget computer so yea but i hear ubuntu/linux is great but i also heard its bad if ur not a...
  5. genuisgeek

    Gaming internet doesnt work but connection established?

    so i have my wireless internet established on my laptop meaning correct network settings etc. i know for sure the connection works b/c i can use AIM, Gtalk, Frostwire, and all connection-needed apps also itried pinging sites and my ip address and they work perfectly fine i went into my routes...
  6. genuisgeek

    Gaming where to dload microsoft 2003

    im having trouble finding a dload for the full setup of Microsoft office 2007 cause i just reinstalled xp and dont have office installed i dont want 2007 b/c i dont want to have the hassle of converting and im much more used to the 2003 feel i have my cd but its corrupted up to the mdgr3en.dll...
  7. genuisgeek

    Hacking DS-TV?

    mods can u plz remove this thread since i prob acidentally doubl posted woops sry guys but mods just close this one thanks
  8. genuisgeek

    Hacking DS-TV?

    i saw a commercial for ds-tv on youtube a while ago and i wondered if it ever got released? did they never sell it or wat? will it be a japan only thing?
  9. genuisgeek

    Hacking screen protector w/ touch screen

    just wondering if u have screen protectors on does it maintain the touch screen's sensitivity or does it wear it down as well yea it protects it but how long does it have til it becomes a major pain to touch it ? when u touch it really hard does it lose sensitivity?
  10. genuisgeek

    Hacking rom loading error=7

    grrrr i cant get it to work on my ttds i tried different kinds of files to see if it was the rom but its not can someone help me and tell me if theirs is working
  11. genuisgeek

    dude i got my frickin finals this week

    hey guys im just burning some steam its my first freshman yr at high school and finals piss me off talk about chillin at the end of the year anyways talking about charles dickens is hard and im on the borderline in math so back to studying you guys peace.....(i hate school)
  12. genuisgeek

    Homebrew RAM pack= N64

    im not sure if this has been discussed but i know that the n64 cant be emulated on the DS bu couldnt having hombrew that utilizes the RAm pack allow the use of a N64 emulator on DS to power its capacity or is the graphics or something not enough
  13. genuisgeek

    Hacking how fast until a DS becomes old?

    since the DS has been out for so long now and the Rom releases are around 2200+ how much more time do u think the DS has left? since the DSL is still "selling like hotcakes" will nintendo plan on another major release of some sort? WHO KNOWS?!?!?!
  14. genuisgeek

    Gaming so what do you guys do w/ ur rom dumps after finishing it?

    when u guys finish playing a game on a flashcart what do u do w/ the games take'em off? keep'em or just keep the .sav on ur computer? i dont know what i do cuz i havent been persistent enough to finish a game lol
  15. genuisgeek

    Gaming help w/ wireless networking

    i have a network setup w/ SSID and WEP it accepts my password but then it always ends up being limited connectivity but then it works the next day and i have to continuosly tweak the settings of my wireless network to make it work again im using a linksys WRT45G i think and i need help to make...
  16. genuisgeek

    how old are YOU!?!?!?!

    just i thought i was thinking bout while browsing this forum how people use big words and have paypal(meaning u have a credit card) Obviously im "young" so i dont have paypal!!! woohooo that takes away temptations just answer poll
  17. genuisgeek

    Hacking can EZ 3-in-1 use GBA homebrew

    read title
  18. genuisgeek

    how do i put a pic on my forum thing

    i can put a picture in my profile but i dont kow where i put one for the forum profile cuz i cant see it thx!!
  19. genuisgeek

    Hacking putting pics in clear ds cases

    i have a clear case that covers my ds and im trying to know how to put pics that have been cut and cropped already so that i can just stick it in there i tried the MadCatz one program but when i printed it out the pics where small like really small where it doesnt even fit the screen so is there...
  20. genuisgeek

    Hacking why do slot 1 cards reduce battery life?

    for all ds' how come slot 1 cards reduce battery and why dont actual games do that i was just wondering since it always seems i need to recharge my dsl although it new but still since it does that which one of the flashcarts have the best battery life use for the dsl
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