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  1. jakeem

    Hacking cannot update 3ds

    hello i have a problem. my new Nintendo 3ds xl is on system version 11.7.0-40U and it will not update. i updated luma and it still wont update. and the eshop icon disappeared from the home menu.
  2. jakeem

    Homebrew Edizon not display all cheats

    I have a cheat file for resident evil but when I go to Edizon to use it. It only shows half of the cheats that are on the txt file. Do I have to Erase Some in order to get the one I need ?
  3. jakeem

    Hacking Discussion Hekate not trying to boot

    So I’m trying to put incognito on my Nintendo switch emunand Pacifically And when the hekate payload injects it shows that red skull. And boots into sysnand when I don’t want that
  4. jakeem

    Hardware boot.dat ? rcm loader

    I recently brought an RCM loader and I'm having this error appear I'm not trying to boot sxox I'm trying to boot into atmosphere is there a file I'm missing?
  5. jakeem

    Hacking Updated psvita via on safe mode

    On safe mode it has and option to up date through ps vita memory card but when I click it it’s says update file cannot be found. How do I get the update file on the vita memory card since my computer won’t Detect my vita anymore
  6. jakeem

    Hacking Brick ps vita

    so recently i brick my ps vita I can access the safe mode menu but my computer won’t detect the PS Vita
  7. jakeem

    Hardware System volume information

    does the bottom folder supposed to be faded out
  8. jakeem

    Gaming More themes may be coming in the future

    Wondering what colors will they have
  9. jakeem

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there a possibility to run code through google translate on the Nintendo Switch
  10. jakeem

    Hardware nintendo swich the Nintendo switch wont ship in till april
  11. jakeem

    Emulation wii u helper

    when i try to open it its a error
  12. jakeem

    Hacking legend of zelda the breath of the wild wiiu

    for some reason when i get on the loading screen it turns white and it stay there on loadiine
  13. jakeem

    Emulation wiiu/ nintendo 64

    is there a nintendo 64 emulator for loadiine
  14. jakeem

    Misc CT CP-7 3DS

    Im having a problem connection online
  15. jakeem

    Homebrew homebrew 3ds

    i need some help the homebrew app its not opening up
  16. jakeem

    Hardware Nintendo switch

    So the leak Nintendo switch was apparently stolen here a link to the story
  17. jakeem

    Hardware Nintendo switch

    so people were wondering how the ui Interface look and I found one.
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