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  1. V0ltr0n

    ROM Hack [request] Metroid: Samus Returns save editor

    At the title says, I'm looking for a save editor for the USA and EUR version of the game. Namely a way to unlock all amiibo locked content at the click of a button like the miitopia editor has.
  2. V0ltr0n

    Hacking UPPERS! Translation Project

    Hello, my small team IS FINISHED WITH THE translation project for UPPERS! An over the top, flashy beat-em-up. The hacker on the team actually started the project alone as a rough menu translation only. I then contacted him about bringing translators on board and making a full translation of the...
  3. V0ltr0n

    Hacking What is the point of VHBL on henkaku?

    Question is in the title. Yes, it's probably a noob question, but from what I gather, VHBL allows psp homebrew but no launching of psp isos. So what is the point if this is basically homebrew limited to psp mode when we already have vita mode? Is there something I'm not understanding? I just...
  4. V0ltr0n

    Hacking Any help for those that can't ftp?

    I don't know if anyone else has this issue, but I got henkaku installed just fine. My modem/router is unable to ftp for some reason. I've tried all types of configuration to no avail. At this point, I am modded but have yet to be able to install any homebrew. Is there any way to transfer the...
  5. V0ltr0n

    Hacking CIA theme help

    Sorry if this is posted elsewhere. I did search and didnt find the answer. If i want to install a cia theme, either custom of legit, do i inject it into emunand or the sd? Im using fbi btw. I had previously installed a theme pack, but it never showed up in my themes. I dont want to use chmm...
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