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    Homebrew [Discontinued] TWLoader - CTR-mode NDS app

    I can help with german, it's my main language
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    Homebrew Can someone compile for me the latest version of armips (64-bit version)

    Put armips.exe into .../devkitPro/devkitARM/bin and add that to your path Edit: Like this, it's in german but you should be able to understand it
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    Homebrew [How-to] Load a fw.img for Any File Dumping + WiiUBru status update

    It needs to be inside your "Path" variable as the directory it's in (In your case probably C:\, but I would recommend you to put the armips.exe somewhere else like into C:\devkitPro\devkitARM\bin, which most likely is already in your path)
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    Homebrew [How-to] Load a fw.img for Any File Dumping + WiiUBru status update

    There are some mistakes on the pastebin, which are probably going to confuse everyone: (Line 14+15) two keys and iv in sections/ one key and iv in bin/ change it to: two keys and iv in bin/ one key and iv in scripts/ (Line 21) python
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    Hacking SPECULATION: A strategy to load games off USB! (No loader)

    I don't think this theory would work... Even if you managed to access the drive and somehow install the game on it, it wouldn't pass the signature checks. You need more than just a ticket and some console specific encryption keys to install a game to your HDD from an external source. Either...
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    Homebrew factory reset \ parental lock

    I believe you can check the date of the console by just pressing the home button, it's just the date of today. For the inquiry number, do the following steps (It might be inaccurate because I don't remember the exact steps): - Try to play online (to trigger the pin screen) - Tap on something...
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    Homebrew factory reset \ parental lock

    No need to call Nintendo ;) You just need to find out the inquiry number by saying you forgot the pin or something.
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    Hacking Paper Mario: Color Splash save file

    You're lucky, I think I also just finished "RuddyRoad"
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    Hacking Weird stuff happening with my n3ds

    Do you have over 300 titles (games/vc) installed on your system? If so, that's the limit, everything installed beyond that will replace another title.
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    Hacking O3DS on 4.x Emunand Profile Exploit Upgrade

    You need to put a 10.2 firmware.bin into your luma folder, you can get it from the guide I think. EDIT: Get it here from where it says "Get the NTR FIRMs package from here", I have no idea why this is not mentioned in the guide auto Seems like I have overlooked this... If you have downgraded...
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    Miraculous ways you've UNbricked a gaming system or other device

    Got myself a broken 2ds from ebay for 30€ (like 35$), recieved a note with it that said something about system settings crashing the system. Turned it on, started system settings and indeed it was stuck on the nintendo 3ds screen. I held down the buttons to access recovery mode, set up an...
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    Hacking [Q] Error on boot followed by strange brick

    Them? The SD Card? You probably want to delete the Nintendo 3DS folder and replace it with the one of your backup, if that's what you meant by restoring. If you want to restore the saves, I would suggest to wait, as it's pretty annoying to do. You would have to create each save on your new unit...
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    Hacking [Q] Error on boot followed by strange brick

    Didn't know how the SD padgen actually worked, try out the following: 1. Backup everything on your SD Card (IMPORTANT) 2. Get into SD/Nintendo 3DS/SysNand1/SysNand2(these are random letters, just choose the folder with the biggest filesize if there are multiple)/title 3. Search for "content" in...
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    Hacking [Q] Error on boot followed by strange brick

    Sorry for being late, was asleep. Decrypt9-->XORpad Generator Options-->SD Padgen (Probably SysNAND dir)
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    Hacking [Q] Error on boot followed by strange brick

    If you are still able to get into Decrypt9, try to dump the SD Padgen xorpad of the respective NAND, if they send you a different unit, I believe you will be able to restore (decrypt) your saves through that.
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    Hacking Luma3DS - Noob-proof 3DS Custom Firmware

    You need to start it and then wait like 2 minutes or so. After that, it should behave normally.
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    Hacking Need help with Smashax

    There are many people reporting that downgrading through smashhax will never work, no matter how often you try. Your best bet is to get some other savegame-exploitable game and use smashhax to install the exploit.
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