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  1. chalupabatman

    Hacking Question Setting Up Hekate & Atmosphere

    Hi - I have been using SX OS - but I would like to stop using that and use Hekate and Atmosphere since they are compatible with Firmware 6.2 Can someone give me a tutorial on how to do this?
  2. chalupabatman

    Hacking How to Use NSC Builder

    I found this tool here - But the instructions do not make any sense to me. Can someone dumb this down so that I can use this tool to combine the updates & dlc into my XCI file...
  3. chalupabatman

    ROM Hack Question SX OS Cheat Codes

    Does anyone have a explanation other than the one provided by SX OS on how to write the cheat codes? I do not fathom or wrap my mind around how to do it, but would enjoy trying!
  4. chalupabatman

    ROM Hack Switch Update From 5.1.0 Safe?

    I am running Version 5.1.0 with SX OS and loaded up the .xci file for octopath traveler. When I launched it from SX OS I was told there was an update for the game but in order to get the game update I must first update my System. Are there any negative consequences of updating the system...
  5. chalupabatman

    Homebrew Question How To Create .NRO File With Python

    I am pretty sufficient with python and was wanting to know how to create a switch .nro file from python?
  6. chalupabatman

    ROM Hack Question FTP For Switch

    Is there a functioning FTP homebrew out for the Switch so that we can use a client such as SCP or FileZilla to copy files to and from the switch?
  7. chalupabatman

    Hacking What firmware Versions Are Hackable?

    I have googled but have not found a reputable site with the info on it. What firmware versions of the PS4 are hackable? Thanks!
  8. chalupabatman

    ROM Hack Question How To Tell What Firmware SX OS You Are Running

    I have my boot.dat file on my SD Card, but I do not know which version firmware it is. I see that Xecutor has released v1.5, but how do I check if I am already on this version?
  9. chalupabatman

    ROM Hack How to Load Save Using Checkpoint

    I just downloaded a save, and have installed SX OS, HBL and Checkpoint. How do I load up my save?
  10. chalupabatman

    ROM Hack How to Load Save Using Checkpoint

    I just downloaded a save, and have installed SX OS, HBL and Checkpoint. How do I load up my save?
  11. chalupabatman

    ROM Hack Get Updates With XCI Files

    I have been using a site to get XCI files for the switch, but what I am uncovering is that the second I go to play the game, I have to wait on a minimum 45 minute update to download. Am I just getting it from an outdated site? Or is there a way to also get the updates needed with the XCI file?
  12. chalupabatman

    Hacking I have Firmware 5.07 Is This Hackable?

    Greetings GBA - I just purchased a ps4 and out of the box it has firmware 5.07 - I see from google that 5.0 is hackable, but is 5.07? And I do not see a sticky noob guide on hacking, can someone point me to one?
  13. chalupabatman

    Hacking Emulation Station On Switch

    Sorry if my terminology is a bit off here, but essentially what I was wanting to know is if a CF has been released that will allow you to play the "retro" games on the switch such as ROMS from the NES/SNES etc? I have a raspberry pi which I use emulation station with which is why I dubbed the...
  14. chalupabatman

    Hacking Switch Hacking

    Hey GBA Crew -> from my reading it seems that we have HBL and a LINuX install avaliable for the switch. But the HBL currently only offers the ability to install/add/play (sorry not sure what the proper terminology should be) some ported/custom coded games. We currently do not have the...
  15. chalupabatman

    Homebrew Roblox For Wii U

    I have read a few articles saying this is possible, but I have not found one (that I think is legit) that shows how to install Roblox for Wii U. Can someone link me to a tut or explain how?
  16. chalupabatman

    Homebrew Play MP4 Files From USB?

    Is there a Wii U homebrew app that will allow you to play .mp4/.mkv files from USB? I have read several threads that discussed "future" progress on one, but I have not seen anything recent about any progress.
  17. chalupabatman

    Hacking Ftpiiu Unable To Access USB

    I am attempting to use ftpiiu to ftp into my wii u and inject a few saves. I boot Haxchi - then run the HBL channel - then open ftpiiu and at the bottom I see the IP and port to connect to. Im in windows, so I open up a file browser and type ftp://IP:Port and everything loads, but if I try to...
  18. chalupabatman

    Homebrew Install RetroArch?

    I am a bit confused on how to install this retroarch emulation on my Wii U. I have a raspberry pi 3 set-up with retorarch and retropi and emulating, but it would be much better if I could do it on my wii u! I found the guide here: And I...
  19. chalupabatman

    Hacking Tried to Overwrite Game With Haxchi And Now Error

    I have a slight problem here... I attempted to overwrite my Wii U game with Haxchi and everything appeared to be succesful, but now when I power on the Wii U the game is showing a ? and if I click on it there is an error. To recap, this is what I did: Downloaded newest haxchi from here...
  20. chalupabatman

    Hacking Load Homebrew Channel From Dash

    HELP!!!! I just upgraded my AP and when I connected the Wii U to it, I forgot to set the DNS servers to the non default so I am now updated to 5.5.2 I know loading through the browser now will not work, but fortunately, I purchased one of the games and have haxchi loaded!! Hoozah...
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