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  1. roflmao1

    Gaming Can I use CFW on 6.20 yet?

    Is there anyway I can hack my PSP 2000 if it is has 6.20 firmware yet?
  2. roflmao1

    Gaming About bricking

    I was thing about modding my PSP to play some Japanese games that i cant import Firstly I would like to know how easy this process is,my PSP is a 2000 with the lastest firmware if that helps And also I want to know the dangers of having my PSP bricked because I bought it almost solely for BBS in...
  3. roflmao1

    Gaming Summon Night X Tears Crown Action Replay

    Does anyone have any codes?
  4. roflmao1

    Gaming Sands of Destruction Settings

    What settings does this game need to be on None of them work for me
  5. roflmao1

    Homebrew I need help

    I was using NO$Zoomer while playing Pokemon SS and I accidentally unplugged my computer,now when I try to start up No$Zoomer the top part of the emulator is white and the bottom is black for any game I try to play,Im not sure what to do
  6. roflmao1

    Gaming Soul Silver puzzle help

    Im doing a puzzle at the ruins of alph and I apparently have to rotate the pieces to solve the puzzle,but I am not sure how to do so using a mouse,has anyone else done this?
  7. roflmao1

    ROM Hack SaGa 2 help

    Is there an anti-piracy patch for this anywhere?
  8. roflmao1

    Gaming Bleach The 3rd Phantom question

    Has anyone found any Action replay codes for this game yet?
  9. roflmao1

    Homebrew No$Zoomer to No$GBA question

    I heard that the ROM for HGSS doesnt crash on No$GBA 2.6 I have been using No$Zoomer and I wanted to know if there was any way to get my save file from my No$Zoomer onto No $GBA 2.6 I renamed it but it just comes up as a new game Does anyone know what to do?
  10. roflmao1

    ROM Hack Another HG/SS Topic >.>

    Im using Rudolph's patch/KazoWARs patch and I dont get freezes But once I got to Goldenrod City and beat the gym the ROM-image crashes quite often I am using NO$Zoomer My brother has the same problems Is anyone else having this problem? I there anyway to fix this yet?
  11. roflmao1

    Hacking Im new;I have a question

    Im thinking about getting a flashcart Are there any that work on the DS lite and DSi? I saw the EZ5i on the front page and the guy put it in the DSi and Lite Will any work on my DS Lite if a update on my DS Lite prevents it from working?
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