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    Hardware Sony PS3 CECG01 Optical drive “grinding”

    So I pulled my old PS3 (fatty 40GB model) out of storage. Got it all up and running, everything is working fine on it. Inserted GT6, and grgrgrgrgrgrgrinding. Took it apart, and it's in the middle of the drive. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. And I didn't even see...
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    Hardware :( N3ds XL Hyrule Gold system won't turn on...

    So, I see the ban issues so I pull mine out of the drawer. Well, it won't even turn on. I plugged in the charger to see if I just forgot to turn it off, etc. After 30 mins, even with the charger still plugged in, it still won't turn on. I get a blue light, then it just fades out. Doesn't...
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    Gaming Redout - shipping date

    I just got an email for my Redout pre-order via Amazon. Jun 20 is the expected release date now.
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    Analogue NT Mini

    My mini came in today and it looks and plays great!!
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    Gaming iR Shell v. 5.2 Released

    Gen D users, here ya go! The 5.2 official public release supporting the GEN D firmwware. Enjoy!
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    Hacking Confused, stuck and need some help please.

    Ok, I've been reading tutorial, after tutorial, after tutorial lol, and I've just come to the realization, I need some help here. Here is the situation. I have a 3.4U Wii. It has been modified with a flatmod chip. I have the HBC installed, and God knows what else. I did a tutorial a while...
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    Hacking White DS randomly restarts

    I have a US launch DS Lite, and it has started to power off randomly. The low battery indicator isn't showing, and I've even fully charged the battery to make sure it's not that. I've only used a SuperKey + Supercard SD with it, later replacing that with an R4. The DS itself hasn't ever...
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    Hacking Ordered my second R4

    I just ordered a new R4 to go in my white DS Lite. The black/dark grey R4 will be sitting in my crimson/black ds lite for now. I just got to play some download play with the two Lites, NSMB, and that was really fun. My son and I were both getting in to it lol. Anyways, just wanted to...
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    Hacking Two speed comparisons

    Here are two speed results using the usb reader that came with the R4. I have the Silver USB 2.0 reader. The first screen-shot is of my Sandisk 1GB TF card. The second is of the Kingston (JPN) 1GB TF card.
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    Hacking Taking screenshots; is it possible ?

    I was wondering if there is any way to take screenshots, in game, on the NDS. I'm using an R4, and also have a SC SD + Superkey. It was easy to implement on the PSP, but I haven't seen anything like this on the DS yet.
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    Hacking white screen problem

    I just got my R4 in, after using a SC SD slot 2 solution for a while. I transferred all my "games" to the root of the TF card, along with the R4 files from the CD that was sent with the product. When I turn on the NDSL, i see the health warning, then the R4 menu for 1.06. I scroll down to a...
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    Hacking Game sharing with superkey + supercard

    I'm currently using superkey and supercard sd on my DSL, and the work great. My only issue is trying to get game sharing to work with some games. NSMB and Mario Kart DS to be exact. I can't get the game share to work. I've gotten Tetris DS, Brain Age, and Magnetika working with game share, but...
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