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    PS1/2 PS2 SubZero V12 Fix

    I've been looking around for a store that has this and either a Modbo 4.0 or a Matrix Infinity. The only store I can find is but they only sell the subzero fix in lots of 5. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hacking Can you get homebrew if your will is chipped already?.

    I used this guide to mod my wii. The instructions are explained step by step and it also gives you an idea of what you're actually doing while you do it.
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    Hardware ICON Induction Charger

    With a 4 hour charge time I doubt those things are pulling any significant amperage. If I were you, I would drain 3 of the wiimotes and then charge them all at the same time while playing something as intensive as possible from the CD drive with a hard drive plugged in. You won't damage anything...
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