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  1. stephysanrio

    Hacking New 3ds update: 6.2.0-12U

    New 3ds update came out today. Main changes from version 6.2.0-12U Date Available: 08/05/2013 Added support for the StreetPass relay feature Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience Source...
  2. stephysanrio

    Pokemon x and y pre-order gift in UK

    A game case and a lifestyle statement It looks like UK trainers will have a neat incentive for pre-ordering Pokémon X & Y at GAME stores: their own little Pokéball! GAME recently revealed what it's calling an exclusive pre-order bonus on its Twitter feed, along with a photo. It looks like the...
  3. stephysanrio

    Apple Anyone plays my singing monsters or smurf village?

    :) I started playing this and I'm sort of obsesses trying to get the islands and stuff lol I'm sure once I'm done with that it'll be forgotten just like my smurf village was xD Add me (my friend code is on the picture)
  4. stephysanrio

    Nintendo 3ds update 6.1.0-12

    Main changes from version 6.1.0-12U Date Available: 07/11/2013 The option to update StreetPass Mii Plaza is now available from the Streetpass Mii Plaza menu Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience Source...
  5. stephysanrio

    Hacking Anyone having problems with kernel 1.60 for 2013 dual core?

    After updating the r4 dual core 2013 model... whenever you choose a game you get a loading screen followed by a white screen. Anyone experiencing this? just curious if its only me... my way around it its using an older kernel but thats still upsetting. I asked the manufacturer and was told...
  6. stephysanrio

    Hacking R4 dual core and rts lite firmware upgrade for 6.1

    Hey well i received this message: Hello my friend This is the upgrade download links: Silver rts lite: v6.1 gold pro:v6.1 dual core:v6.1...
  7. stephysanrio

    Hacking R4i gold RTS feature not working

    I been playing legend of Zelda phantom hour glass? (First time playing this) First I was playing on an r4 dual core 2013 but on a Ds lite and then changed to a 3ds and couldn't play because it wouldn't recognize the card so I added the game and save file to an r4i gold and since I keep dying (go...
  8. stephysanrio

    Hacking r4 dual core question

    I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this flashcart ( I know is not a good card BUT there is people that have same issues as me and would like to know if its possible to fix ) is there a way to fix a 2013 r4 dual core card... if running the update firmware file of the "new"...
  9. stephysanrio

    Hacking list of web sites not trusted to buy flashcarts?

    just wondering if there is such a thread here on this forum that i could link customers to? I think in a way it would be helpful (at lest for those that DO read and see that thread they will know better not to buy at those sites... ) I have heard from plenty of people already saying they got...
  10. stephysanrio

    Hacking Question

    Hi guys my name is Steph I visit this site every so often and try to help new members when I get a chance... anyways here is my question I have a web site: We sell flashcarts and we recently became a distributor... (its hard to be linked under...
  11. stephysanrio

    Hacking Acekard and R4 Dual Core Themes

    Hey guys my name is Steph and im new here and just wanted to share some themes / skins I've made on my spare time ( i love designing and i love pokemon so here goes nothing ) I hope you like them! any feedback will be appreciated :) there my first themes so let me know. I made them using the...
  12. stephysanrio

    Hacking Exchanging defective R4 dual core cards

    Hello I'm new here my name is Steph From what I've seen most of you are against r4 cards here and I understand why... I see the point: r4 teams always coming up with new cards, and forgetting to do updates on the old cards leaving those cards useless and not to mention the support system sucks...
  13. stephysanrio

    Gaming How to create themes?

    I been searching here on the forum but no luck not sure if theres such thread... I want to be able to create my own themes for flashcarts and r4 cards. Is there a program? any reply will be helpful to get me started :) Thanks!
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