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    Hacking Asmosphere crashing.

    Hi. Just installed the latest Asmosphere on emuMMC running 12.0.3 (with sig patches). Noticed two ways in which it crashes 100%. System Settings > Data Management > Move Data Between Console/MicroSD card hangs it every time. Also, I have tried installing Super Smash Bros to both the internal...
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    Hacking Is updating the sysNAND safe if I've accidentaly booted into it using SXOS?

    Hi, my system is still on 4.1.0 (and no internet connection has been on since). I created the emuNAND (hidden partition) using that and have only ever updated the emuNAND (which is currently on 8.1.0). I've accidentaly booted into Horizon a couple of times using SXOS but have never installed...
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