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    Hacking 2,5" Seagate freeagent Goflex 1,5to. shut down when i quit applica

    My HDD WD 1,5to died yesterday and i transfert all my games and roms on my girlfriend Seagate freeagent Goflex external hdd. It works somekind of well on wiimc for movies, but sometimes I have to unplug and reconnected it on the wii to get it working because it disapears. Dios mios seems...
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    Hacking somes games not loading well randomly

    Donkey Kong Country Returns - Sometimes, when i choose a level, i'm stuck at the loading (the loading is still moving, not freezing, but never stops). Kirby (the new one) - When I choose my save game, sometime it black screens (probably stuck in the loading again) and sometimes it works well...
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    Hardware ion kit drum 360 to wii

    I need THIS thing, but FOR THE WII. To prepare my Rock band Kit for Rawk SD 3.0. Anyone knows where i can find this, but for the wii?
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    Hacking About MPT

    I didnt find if this still was an issue (with Usb loader Gx i know that it is not fixed) but if with Configurable USB loader this is working? Also i heard that some games cant run in 480p, can i find a compatibility list for this or this is just bullshit?
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