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  1. luneth22

    Gaming The most sadistic thing you've done in Scribblenauts.

    This game is supposed to be fun, right? But some people can be sick in the mind. My friend did it all, from tossing a baby into the lava to posioning a man with acid, freezing him, thawing him, and freezing him again. He's horrible!
  2. luneth22

    Gaming Naruto Shinobi Retsuden 4, 5 6....very possible

    I mean, the long story arc will definitely cause the release of subsequent Naruto SR games.....won't it?
  3. luneth22

    Gaming Scribblenauts looks promising

    Well i read a preview of what the game has, and it made me laugh! An example they listed was using a sword on a cow to get meat...and using the moon on a villain to turn him into a werewolf.
  4. luneth22

    Gaming Since there was Ouendan 2, shouldnt there be Elite Beat Agents 2?

    The game was immensely fun and i played every of the 3 titles....but one thing lacking is a sequel to EBA. Just think about it. EBA 2, if made, can be polished to be better than Ouendan 2.
  5. luneth22

    Gaming Ace attorney investigations: Miles Edgeworth discussion

    I almost finished the game, albeit Jap version (Gyakuten Kenji)....its a fantastic game. I somehow understood the plot by reading the "chinese" characters and guessing around (like 真犯人 = the real murderer, for example). I enjoyed most of the humor in-game, particuarly one long winded person...
  6. luneth22

    Gaming KH 358/2 days - something about the story

    After beating the game, i found myself wondering what the story is about...sure, i understood most of it, but i want some qns answered...mainly... 1. What happened between Roxas and Riku's final encounter? 2. Was Roxas brainwashed after being placed into a virtual twilight town, after he...
  7. luneth22

    Gaming Your favourite Lux Pain characters

    For me Most Favourite 1. Lil 2. Atsuki 3. Natsuki 4. Nami 5. Reiji 6. Graham (most evil dude ever) 7. Shinji 8. Liu Yee (quit acting cool, buddy) And least favourite 1. Yamato 2. Kunio (the Day and night owner)
  8. luneth22

    Hacking KH 358/2 Days- screen goes black help

    Its a problem with me, i use R4 ver . 1.18. the game loads fine, but when i start a new game, screen just goes black. Whats going on
  9. luneth22

    Gaming KH 358/2 Days help

    Its like this. i use a R4 v 1.18, and the game file size was a HUGE 256 mb, and the sav file 128. I can play the game, but problem is... when i start a new game, the screen just goes black. whats going on?
  10. luneth22

    Gaming Naruto Shippuden Shinobi Retsuden 3 FAQ

    I'd figured out i make this topic so that each of us can ask questions about the game....and provide answers.
  11. luneth22

    Gaming Naruto Shippuden : Shinobi retsuden 3

    Ok, judging by the disastrous previous post, i need to repeat some old rules. Other than those, please feel free to talk about the game... 1. Discuss about THE GAME and THE GAME only. 2. Most importantly------No talking about dumps of the game... Go read the rules.
  12. luneth22

    Gaming GTA Chinatown Wars- your favourite vehicle?

    Mine would be the 500 XLR8.
  13. luneth22

    Gaming How to get 6 stars wanted level in GTA CW

    I know i'm a bit crazy asking this, but how do you get a 6 star wanted level in the game? The most i could do was a 4 star.
  14. luneth22

    Gaming Most hilarious thing characters said in GTA CW?

    From what i've played so far it would be when Chan spoke with you after he won the race. "See, i told you i won! And i didn't even need your help!"or something like that and i was like LOL...
  15. luneth22

    Gaming Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Retsuden 3

    I'm eagerly anticipating this game since i liked the 2nd somewhat. Hope it can be better, since SR 1 was a total flop, SR 2's "quest mode" was repetitive and boring...
  16. luneth22

    Gaming Pangya USA has launched!

    Finally ,Pangya has relaunched since March 12.
  17. luneth22

    Gaming Pangya USA- The wait is almost over! - they've announced on the 14th of April, 2009....that the wait will almost be over. They are waiting for a report written up, though. At last i can return to tee-ing off as a veteran of this game again/
  18. luneth22

    Gaming Mario and Sonic at the olympic winter games

    can't wait for this to come out late this year. I enjoyed the previous title (At The Olympic Games) and i want to see what they;ll add in this. I'm more psyched up knowing new characters are joining the roster.
  19. luneth22

    Gaming Bleach Ds 4th: Flame bringer discussion

    OK, so its an action game . Still, by how it looks on the site, and the gameplay i've seen, the game seems to be pretty soild and fun to play. Apparently the plot involves a red zanpakuto or something....i think?
  20. luneth22

    can't get enough of Ninja Town

    especially the over 9000 joke. the most epic one. By the way, what did you guys use for the final boss? i used mainly Lava Ninjas with a few forest ninjas. Very effective.
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