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  1. PhyChris

    Doom, Duke3D homebrew ports are awesome! ... but where is the split-screen?

    Homebrew ports of games running on modern consoles are awesome especially Doom and Duke3D but is split screen really such a hard thing to add? My programming knowledge limited to "Hello World" tells me that you could run two instants on such modern hardware and connect them in the background...
  2. PhyChris

    Gaming "BadUSB" A new way of console hacking possible?

    There is a HUGE security flaw in the current hardware implantation of USB, that allows the USB slave to execute code on the USB host completely undetected. (take note of the third demonstration in the quote) there will be a demonstration at the "blackhat conference" Aug 6th/7th
  3. PhyChris

    Hacking Before You Update wiiu...

    I see a LOT of people giving bad advice to others about updating their wiiu console firmware, so I'm going to give you some advice on the subject from my years of experience in the modding scenes. rule one:stay on the lowest software/hardware version you can. rule two: Don't believe...
  4. PhyChris

    Hacking softmii glitch HELP!!!

    hi there this is a grate site 4 info and help!!! now i need a little wii specs: wii NTSC gamecube discs NTSC softmii 2.1.1 the problem is that me gamecube discs wont boot in the disc Chanel backups of these discs work fine however now is there a setting some ware that i can change to fix...
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