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  1. Klarkykat

    Gaming Sonic Classic Collection

    Isn't this out tomorrow!?
  2. Klarkykat

    Gaming Games with Wii Balance Board support

    After forking out 100 euro for essentially a fancy weighing scales, i would like to know of any decent games i can play with this thing? Obviously i have wii fit. And i also have monkey ball: step and roll (Which is bloody terrible tbh). Any other games i should know about?
  3. Klarkykat

    Hacking Possible Brick

    Right. This is BOLLOX. My Acekard2i gave up on me there earlier today. So after trying the paper thing, and blowing the cartridge slot a few times, my dsi has decided to BREAK on me. A black error screen comes up when i go into anything (even system options or dsiware games). I'm not sure what...
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