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    Homebrew Question Overclocking the switch GPU?

    I've play playing RA a lot lately and wanted to overclock the GPU so I can get a bit of an FPS boost, but it seems like RA on switch doesn't support it (Only Lakka does) Whats a reliable method to overclock the GPU a bit on the switch?
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    ROM Hack Can you change island reps in Animal Crossing with any save game editors?

    I have around 10 hours and we just realized how the game makes an Island representative, which wasn't under my account . My switch is hacked, can I edit my gave save somehow to change?
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    Homebrew Question Change homepage when launching browser from news (Pegaswitch)

    I modded my switch, and ever since I'm able to launch the web browser from the news section. This is awesome, however it brings me to a random website ( How can I navigate somewhere else from here, or change it to launch google?
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    ROM Hack Question Best method for file transfers without re-injecting payload?

    Are the any reliable methods of transferring files to the switch without having to re-inject payloads? Anything that supports Network shares or SMBs perhaps? I've been using nxmtp, and while it works, unfortunately when it comes to larger files or a high number of files it seems to not work as...
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    Homebrew Question What is the state of PSX emulation?

    I’m considering buying a switch to mod, however I’d like to play copies of my PS1 games. I’m having trouble finding any information on expectation on speed, accuracy and compatibility. Can anyone share there experiences?
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    Hacking Two flashcart questions. (What one can do these things?)

    So I'm attempting to make my own little reproduction cart of Mother 3, so that's why I'm asking these questions. I'm looking for a GBA flash cart that I can force to boot directly to a rom without having to access any menus, as if it was a actual GBA game. Also if possible I'd like a cart that...
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