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  1. LastduaL

    Translation Mugen No Frontier Exceed : Super Robot Taisen Og Saga - Open Translation

    It's great to see this project progressing! Thanks for the updates & for all the continued work going into this!
  2. LastduaL

    Translation Ni no Kuni Translation [ENG]

    Congratulations on the release! I know a whole lot of work went into this, and it looks like the team has done a really fantastic job!
  3. LastduaL

    ROM Hack [Release] Super Mario: Endless Earth - Open-World Mario!

    If this is open-world, is there an in-game map?
  4. LastduaL

    Translation Ni no Kuni Translation [ENG]

    Would it be possible to move the digits to the left of the quest title up to match the higher alignment of the text? Overall it's definitely looking like a high quality translation. Congrats to all involved!
  5. LastduaL

    ROM Hack Best version of Super Mario 64?

    The in-progress Super Mario Star World hack is looking very promising for the M64DS, and even if you just use the "controls test" with the vanilla game, I find it improves the DS version's controls significantly. The N64 game still feels slightly better, but with the hack's snappier movement...
  6. LastduaL

    Translation Mugen No Frontier Exceed : Super Robot Taisen Og Saga - Open Translation

    This is looking really great. Thanks again for putting in so much work!
  7. LastduaL

    A new Mario movie is in the works

    Calling it now. Princess Peach will be transformed into a "strong female lead" character that saves herself without Mario's help, then saves Mario and Luigi while simultaneously motivating Bowser to heroically redeem himself.
  8. LastduaL


    Thanks for taking on this project! I wouldn't be discouraged by those who aren't happy with your English. Once the hacking and basic translation is done, you can always get someone to help with polishing up the script. Honestly, that's the easy part. I may be able to offer assistance if you need it.
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