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    Hacking Does anyone have the "Gothic" Wiiflow Theme by mamule?

    You legend! Thank you so much!
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    Hacking Does anyone have the "Gothic" Wiiflow Theme by mamule?

    I can't post links but if you just google: "Wiiflow gothic theme" you should see it on the second link or through the first link near the middle of the page. I tried the links on the webpage above but it looks like the domain's gone. Looks like I'll be into these Horror games for a bit longer...
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    Homebrew Fsgetmountsource failed / Wii U can read SD card / Exact SD card used to modify other Wii U

    As the titles says, I'm getting the fsgetmountsource failed error when I try to access homebrew through the internet. I tried different exploit websites as well, no luck. Turn off, re-insert, repeat several times and still getting the error. I successfully modified my Wii U and I am having...
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