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  1. Ugothacked

    Hacking New 3DS JP questions for those who have one

    Hey guys! So I bought a New 3DS black (non XL) from Japan for Christmas and it came with 8.1 which was all good, unfortunately last week one of my brothers friends updated it so I can no longer use it for gateway. I am planning on ordering another one but I am worried with the version it might...
  2. Ugothacked

    Hacking Out of region local play?

    I was wondering if any one has tried this, because it isnt working for me, let me explain what I am doing: I have a American 3DS with a Japanese game using gateway, every time I try local play it says communication error before starting the room, but if I use the american version of the same...
  3. Ugothacked

    Hacking So I cant buy a Gateway

    All of the official re-sellers only take Visa, none take Paypal or Mastercard. Does any one know where I can buy one with either Paypal or Mastercard? Im in the US btw, Thanks!
  4. Ugothacked

    Hacking Planning to buy a New 3DS (JP) with Gateway/Sky3ds Questions

    Hello, I was planning on buying a New 3DS from japan since it is currently only $163 (with 2 day shipping to the US) from Superufo, and I also wanted to get a gateway or a Sky3ds but i had some questions about them. Since Gateway hasnt been updated to 9.2 yet I thought that Sky3ds would be the...
  5. Ugothacked

    Hardware Wii not reading disk Drive replacement Errors....

    Hello, and well i dont know anything about software so im asking for some help on here. Whats wrong? Well a while ago, my brother played with my wii non stop all day for 2 days straight, about 40 of the 48 hours of those days. The next day i wanted to place something, so i put in Mario kart...
  6. Ugothacked

    Hacking How to Bypass 20102 in any game any Wii

    This tutorial should help you bypass 20102 completely, there are multiple reason why you might be getting this error, its basicly a ban, it doesnt allow you to go on wifi in any game, the reason would be that nintendo has detected the homebrew channel ticket in your system or they have cough you...
  7. Ugothacked

    Hacking Project: Mario Kart GX!

    Closed. lock please
  8. Ugothacked

    Hacking Is this a Brick? But Why?

    Hello, and thanks for reading this. I have no edia is this is a brick because their is really no reason for me to be having this problem and it makes no sence... When i turn my wii on it saids: "Now Repairing Please Wait""DO NOT POWER OFF" Why? I havent doe anything to my wii, yesturday night i...
  9. Ugothacked

    Hacking Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks

    <div align="center"><!--coloro:#008000--><span style="color:#008000"><!--/coloro--><!--sizeo:6--><span style="font-size:24pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo-->Mario Kart Wii Custom Tracks<!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec--><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--></div> <div align="center">Quick Notes: These...
  10. Ugothacked

    Hacking SZS Modifier Released

    <!--coloro:#008000--><span style="color:#008000"><!--/coloro--><b><div align="center">SZS Modifier</div> </b><!--colorc--></span><!--/colorc--> <div align="center"><img src="" border="0" class="linked-image" /></div> <div align="center"><img...
  11. Ugothacked

    Hacking WBFS Manager Problems

    Ok, This has happen to me since i started using USB loader. I know its not the loader ( i have tried almost all of then, Neogamma, USB loader GX, USB loader 1.4), and its not the wii ( i have tried it in 4 already) The problem is that some times when i put some games, and i try to launch it. i...
  12. Ugothacked

    Hacking Installing WADS to SD Card?

    Ok, i am wondering if this is/will be possible. To install a WAD onto your SD card instead of the Wii menu, then be played of it without installing it. Like when ever you download one from nintendo, you choose SD or Wii. I hope that it will be possible with wad manager I know i havent been the...
  13. Ugothacked

    Hacking How to Play a THP Nintendo Movie files

    Ok, this is for those hackers who want to know and change every file in a game ISO. Or if you do not know, a .THP is a Nintendo movie file format. Mainly Use in games publish by Nintendo. I have found then i almost every mario game. The files contain unescaped Motion JPEG data and a custom ADPCM...
  14. Ugothacked

    Hacking How to Change Text in The New Super Mario Brothers Wii

    Things Needed: Wii Scrubber 1.4: New Super Mario Brothers ISO: The SZS modifier: Steps 1: Open up Wii scrubber, Open The New super Mario brothers. 2: Open up Partition 0 Scroll down to...
  15. Ugothacked

    Hacking NSMBW Level/texture Editor

    One of my first post here, my first topic actually Ok, I have seen some people editing levels with Tanooki and Reggie! Since Reggie! has not been released, so i said what te heck. Then one day.... i was all bored, i couldn't find anything to do. So then i decided to download that new game i...
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