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    Gaming Question about Cheat database

    The The NEW massive CHEAT Database isn't getting updated anymore if i'm correct where do you get cheats now? just a question =X
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    Hacking Geck OS problem

    I was playing a game Naruto shippuden clash of the ninja revo 3 i was piss off cause i couldn't beat deidara*ass hard player* so did some research that there was a a hack Gecko OS so i watched vids on google but i couldn't get the cheats work so if someone can help me =X i did first seeking for...
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    Hacking Differents between NTSC and PAL

    Is there a difference between PAL and NTSC? cause when i start NTSC games it isn't starting
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    Hacking Xenoblade problem...

    Yesterday my xenoblade worked but when i started today my Xenoblade it didn't work if i start it its just go back the the home menu
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    Hacking Followed everything! but failed

    I just hacked my Wii for the first time i downloaded everything that was needed i followed the guide and wtf i enabled all the stuff that was in the guide but i still can't okay games i wanted to test when i wanted to play Wii motion this error came up :Regional Error,,, And i'm sure i enabled...
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    Gaming Pokemon Black

    Hey Guys. I was playing pokemon black and i saw there was an event for zorua that little black dog and you gotta need the right celebi so i had a celebi and it didn't work and i asked some people around that there was here on gbatemp a thread that you can download the right celebi but i can't...
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