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  1. gooface

    Hacking Thinking about getting a 2nd 360.... Questions about one I found

    So I own a Trinity slim model xbox. (unmodded and I want to keep it that way) I am looking at one right now on craigslist and it looks like its a Jasper V1? They are looking for $60 for it saying it was never really used (just a few times) and it is in like new...
  2. gooface

    Hacking Should this work? (hard drive question)

    I have this Drive enclosure that I threw a 250GB drive from my PS3 in. (so 250GB drive) I am planning on getting this Drive and two of these Y-Cables everyone seems to be talking about. Should that work for playing Wii U games off the 1tb and vWii off the 250GB? I am just about to hit the...
  3. gooface

    Cant copy more than 120gb on F: partition on my 1TB hard drive

    Hi, I own a TSOP IND BIOS xbox that I put together last weekend. I installed a 1TB hard drive in it and I started throwing games on the hard drive. I get up to around 120GB (40 games or so) and it stops me from transferring games. (I did the 50/50 split on the 1TB hard drive with a 32kb cluster...
  4. gooface

    Hacking having issues with the card showing up lately

    I have a R4i 3DS (legit one) and lately I am having issues with it showing up on my DS lite and New 3DS XL. (to the point at sometimes the 3DS locks up when the cart is inserted) it will randomly show up at times on both consoles and work but the majority of the time it isnt showing up. (tried a...
  5. gooface

    Hacking Not sure where to start in 2016

    So here's the deal. I have the itch to mod a console, I have: 1x Wii (I think I softmodded years back and it has the homebrew channel) 1x Phat PS2 (not modded) 1x Slim Xbox 360 ( not modded, I'm pretty sure its a trinity model since it was bought around the time the kinect released) Here's...
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