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    Hardware Is the region lock Country specific or Region?

    Like if I buy a 3ds in spain will games I buy in the UK work because they are both European?
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    ROM Hack B/W E Save editor

    Is there an english Pokesav out yet? Or anything that can do what it did?
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    ROM Hack Small Favour.

    I need someone to give me the pkm files for Kibago. Wargle Emboar Zoroark Megaroko I need them to be all Valid for random battles. I need them for testing.
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    ROM Hack My new little Project (HGSS)

    Hello PSN! I will be working on a new Project for HGSS. I am planning on replacing Shiny sprites of Pokemon and replacing them. Example : Lugia----Shadow Lugia Mewtwo----Armoured Mewtwo. Dialga------Primal Dialga They will be the Shiny sprites that i will be replacing. If you have any other...
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