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  1. hxcmusic

    Hacking Question Can't boot Atmos after doing upgrade. Stuck in hekate

    I didn't want to make a new thread, but I need to get this working for the holiday weekend. Here's a little background. I tried to update to Kosmos from an older version of Atmos: It wasn't really working right, so I went...
  2. hxcmusic

    Hacking Safe to change CFW?

    I'm modding my 1st switch tonight using R4s. I already used hetake toback up my nand and to boot into atmosphere and used ChoiDujourNX to update my switch to exFAT. ChoiDujourNX convinced me to turn on AutoRCM. I had to reformat my sd card back to exfat so it's completely blank. I think I want...
  3. hxcmusic

    Hacking burnt fuses 7 on a virgin switch?

    I bought what I thought was a virgin switch on 6.0.1. I'm running hekate for the 1st time using an R4s to back up my nand and the fuse info in hekate says burnt fuses 7. Is this a previously modded switch?
  4. hxcmusic

    Hacking Still running RX tools. Where do CIA files go?

    Hey guys, I'm still running RX tools on my XL. It's been a long time since I've put any CIA files on my SD card, just trying to remember where they go, and possibly how to get them on there. Any help would be awesome, Thanks
  5. hxcmusic

    Hacking R4i Gold 3DS starting... INDEFINATELY

    Hey Guys. I just bought an R4i for my 3ds. Legit from an dealer. Has the Dorasu logo, and the 3ds recognizes it, and will launch it, but it gets stuck on the R4i Gold 3DS starting screen, indefniately. The 1st thing I did when I got it was try to put the latest wood on it. Extracted...
  6. hxcmusic

    Hacking AceKard 2i for $12 USD?!?!

    I keep seeing people post that the Acekard 2i is only 12 bucks, but everywhere I look (in acekards authorized resellers) has it around $24 Where do I get it for $12? I'm in the US. Thanks.
  7. hxcmusic

    Hacking Deleting all traces of apps and tickets.

    I recently acquired a wii with a shit load of apps (vc games homebrew) that were installed via wadmanager. I want to clear all traces of those apps including tickets, but I don't have the original wads to use wadmanager to delete. What can I do to delete absolutely everything? Thanks
  8. hxcmusic

    Gaming Wii NeoGeo Emulator? Confirmed?

    Has anyone seen this? If so can someone tell me where? Did anyone get this neoGeo cd wiimulator yet .... it's fun .. it has 55 games on it ... i would up load it but i dont know how to upload.. This is the list of games taken from the actual Aero Fighters 2 Aero Fighters 3 Art Of Fighting...
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