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  1. Rushhour77

    Hacking Question about restoring nand fat32 and exfat

    Hi, I have a full backup (nand, boot0, boot1 and more). Atm the nand backup (6.1.0) is split in 2GB files because I used a fat32 sdcard. I know these can/should be merged into 1 file. That would also mean that in case of restoring I will need exfat, right? If so, does firmware 6.1.0 has the...
  2. Rushhour77

    Hacking HDD stopped working?

    Hi, I gave my hacked WII to my nephew. He played with it a couple of days and now it doesnt recognize the HDD anymore (at least i think). I know about using the usb port on the edge of the WII. Normally when i launch HB i can launch a loader. Now when i launch HB it doent have anything to...
  3. Rushhour77

    Hacking Language wads (Tetris)

    Hi, I'm new to wad-files. I've got a japanese wii. I managed to install them but although the tetris version i downloaded supposed to be ntsc-u, text displays in japanese. Can somebody enlighten me how to patch or something like that so text displays in english? Thx.
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