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  1. J

    Homebrew PS4 FW 7.02 kernel exploit released by TheFlow

    Why selling his soul? Hes a grown up developer and its fine to get youre work paid. Why should he care about the piracy kids? (Thats what the PS4 scene is all about to be honest in mayority)
  2. J

    Homebrew PS4 FW 7.02 kernel exploit released by TheFlow

    Yeah! Theres nothing usable yet :) Needs to be written by someone who publiches it actually
  3. J

    Homebrew PS4 FW 7.02 kernel exploit released by TheFlow

    Combined with an proper entry point, everything. Piracy for example :P Just like with 5.05 but on 6.72 (currently since for 7.02 there isnt any entry point yet)
  4. J

    Homebrew PS4 FW 7.02 kernel exploit released by TheFlow

    The kernel one, yeah. The kernel still needs an entrypoint tho, which only works up to 6.72, no entrypoint for 7.02 exist.
  5. J

    Hacking Need someone to make Flipnote Studio work on DS Phat with R4 Card

    I already stopped reading after i saw, youre providing piracy here :P
  6. J

    Hacking USB Loader GX

    It says on github, you forked it from there. But the source on github from cyan is outdated. Is it based on the outdatet one or did you used the one on sourceforce?
  7. J

    Homebrew HzMod - old3DS screen streaming

    Ist there anyway to capture the 3D effect? Like an 3D SBS mode or so?
  8. J

    Gaming Differnce between PAL and NTSC Mario Kart

    Content is the same. (If not stripped by an modder) Tho, the Pal (European/Australian) version is probably bigger because of more languages are supported - localisation stuff can take a fair amount of memory.
  9. J

    Hacking Questions about using SD wifi card and state of network backup

    I dont think that works. Tho, theres theoretical an way of using an raspberry (or so) via usb Port of the Wii to load from any network storage. But never tried it (and dont know of anyone).
  10. J

    Gaming Will you buy Pokemon Sword and/or Shield?

    I will, im hyped! It does look epic & theyre trying to innovate the series a bit. Thats more important than all Pokemons! :)
  11. J

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    Hey, any plans on including the 480p fix patch?
  12. J

    Hacking USA Wii Games playable on Europe Wii?

    Hey, short answer: it will work! :)
  13. J

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    The setting where removed, due to nintendont will autodetect it, as far as im concernce :)
  14. J

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    Can only get the title mirror to work. Under Mirror Effect, "Title intensity", tho normal "intensity" value does nothing
  15. J

    Hacking WiiFlow Lite

    Hi, first, thanks for your work. When i used wiiflow back in the days, there where reflections of the game boxes on the bottom. Is it a bug that they are missing now or intended? (Attached a screenshot)
  16. J

    Hacking Is it possible to setup new ps4 + hack without ever connecting to internet ?

    You could host it on your PC (or any other device that can be used as an Webserver). . Use cache functionality, so it gets cached on your ps4 and you don't need to turn on your PC(or which device you're using) any time starting your ps4. Edit: Yep you can use this HDD, tho remember, NTFS file...
  17. J

    Gaming Anyone ever got a motion sickness from playing first person view?

    Not getting motion sicknes in all first person Games. Tho encountered it in Far Cry 3 and RAGE :/ After that trief Far Cry Primal, but same issue. Also likes RAGE tjat much, that i tried beating it, but it felt just impossible due the motion sicknes. Found no way to get around it :/
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