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  1. Coleman_C18

    ROM Hack [Question] Possible to create/edit .bcres files?

    I'm working on some collision/map research for ACNL and finally got around to creating a custom test acre, however I soon realized I had no way of inserting it back into the game. Animal crossings Acres are composed of .bcres files with a model and a single texture packaged together. Are there...
  2. Coleman_C18

    ROM Hack [Request] Simple program to split hex into seperate files

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of interpreting and editing ACNL collision files for its outdoor acres (grd_jmp.bin). So far I've been doing things by hand mapping them out, and as you can see below its been quite tedious. I have no programming knowledge and would love if someone could...
  3. Coleman_C18

    Homebrew [Request/Question] Multiple HANS patches for the same game?

    Now that we have the ability to use patches for our games it would be nice if we could store more than 1 patch per game in our hans folder. As far as I know we can only launch patches if the filename is the same as the gameid. Are their any workarounds or programs in the works for this issue?
  4. Coleman_C18

    ROM Hack OR/AS romfs 'a' folder content notes

    First I will start off by saying that I did not make these notes or have any thing to do with the process, I am merely transferring them from Kaphotic's pastebin into this post for a wider audience. With braindump and hax 2.5 out romhacking has a wider reach, it is important to share this with...
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