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  1. PoiRan

    The Ocarina of Time decompilation project is complete, source code fully reverse engineered son was just about to play it on the Wii (VC + widescreen from Patcher64+ Tool), as that seems to be the best version so far (If anyone disagrees, tell me). Maybe I should tell him to wait until it's released for the Switch :)
  2. PoiRan

    Do you eat organ meat?

    I don't mind eating a heart of reindeer, deer or elk, but I'd stay away from kidney, liver, tongue or lungs. My parents ate those though, maybe not often, and we never bought it (my dad and granddads were hunters). Heart is "normal" meat, and not strange tasting or anyway, but I guess some...
  3. PoiRan

    Hacking [RELEASE] WiiVC Injector Script (GC/Wii/Homebrew Support)

    I have similar issue. Figured it would be a good way to play Ocarina of Time, especially if combined with Patcher64+ tool. The game works well if started from Wii mode (classic controller obviously), but if started from Wii U it still demands a classic controller (and I have to force a restart...
  4. PoiRan

    Nintendo secures RCM loader ban in the U.S.

    I guess I'll put one of these on my list of things to buy, I just WISH I could find a reseller. Or use Rekado, never heard of it until Nintendo banned this rcm loader. Seriosuly though, is there a chance of a Streisand effect here? A lot of people I know don't even know you could hack a...
  5. PoiRan

    Rumor Bloomberg reports tech details of 4K Nintendo Switch model, release window and pricing

    ARM based hardware improved a lot in the last few years. I hope for a much faster switch but native 4K would be unrealistic for most games. Some games could work in 4k though if they mostly show images or videos. A game like animal crossing could certainly work in 4k on a "switch pro". But, my...
  6. PoiRan

    Hacking Wii U Firmware Update 5.5.5 released

    My kids updated one of our consoles today, I assume to 5.5.5, no problem, cbhc still works. Our other wii u is blocked against updates. Our switch is blocked in the router (mac block), dns, incognito, whatever, but I'm a bit sloppy with the kids wii u it seems. I backup game saves often though...
  7. PoiRan

    Nintendo Direct February 17, 2021 - roundup

    Skyward Sword HD - great, but we need more Zelda. Ocarina of Time, Majoras Mask, sure, the mighty Wii U will play them all, but most Switch users never owned a Wii U, or a Wii, Gamecube or N64. I understand a quick release of Zelda HD remakes might flood the market, but releasing one HD remake...
  8. PoiRan

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons gets Festivale update, Sanrio and Mario collaborations coming in March

    I like the little updates. Keep the kids happy and interested. Some things should have been there from the beginning, but adding content is great. As a side note, When adding games I prefer to add one at a time, better for the kids.
  9. PoiRan

    What's your favourite gaming-related Christmas memory?

    I remember in 1988 hooking me and my brother's new Amiga 500 to my parents Hifi-system, the large 28" TV, and listening to Bubble Bobble, Menace, and Giana Sisters booming out of the speakers. I previously had a Commodore 128D which I also remember fondly. What I remember most is more recent...
  10. PoiRan

    Got NextGen?

    Might consider one for playing uhd blu-ray as well as some sort ot game pass , but I guess the player might have cinavia protection? That won't do it for me, my kids only play backups.
  11. PoiRan

    Nintendo Switch sales hit 68.3 million, closes in on total sales of the Nintendo 3DS

    Great. Now we only need more Zelda ports. Yes, I'm serious.
  12. PoiRan

    Homebrew 3DS Officially Discontinued - What does this mean for us?

    3DS sits a lot better in my hands than a Switch. I love the switch, in docked mode. I can't see that this changes much for people in general. The 3DS has been invisible in any shops or ads for years. It's as dead as Wii U where I live. But, my kids love their 3DSXL, and I'm planning to buy a...
  13. PoiRan

    Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase September 2020 - Rune Factory 5 trailer, Disgaea 6 confirmed

    Ori, will of the wisps? I must say I'm surprised, this was very good news. I thought Ori 2 would be xbox/pc exclusive for a year or so. This is a huge release! I hope the Switch version is a good one though.
  14. PoiRan

    Mario 3D All Stars Announced

    I've talked to several people that will actually buy a Switch now, pre-ordered the game even before they had the actual console. Mario, and Zelda, are apparently killer game series. I've also reconsidered; while I was hoping for a proper HD remaster in the likes of Zelda Wind Waker/Twilight...
  15. PoiRan

    Mario 3D All Stars Announced

    Ok. I'm happy Mario Sunshine will be available on the Switch. I guess I won't buy it though, if there are no enhancements from the original gamecube version. Still have the wii and wii u hooked up. Disappointing these aren't proper HD remasters.
  16. PoiRan

    [UPDATE] Rumor: "upgraded" Nintendo Switch to launch early next year

    4K upscale and Full HD when portable? I don't want any big changes. And I don't think Nintendo wants either. They want to keep game experience for new and older Switches reasonably similar, but give the growing number of people owning 4K TVs a reason not to buy PS or Xbox.
  17. PoiRan

    Hacking SWITCH NOOB PARADISE - Ask questions here

    I use Parallels to boot Windows 10, I use that for most of my maintenance of our Switch, Wii U, Wii and 3DS. You can run Windows for free. It will just nag a little and cripple you a bit I think. I also use Parallels to run Linux, to run gparted, and dd to backup my sd cards. Parallels have...
  18. PoiRan

    Give-away GBAtemp Retroflag NESPi 4 giveaway (ENDED)

    Celestial harmony to everyone.
  19. PoiRan

    The Nintendo Switch has surpassed the sales total of the NES, bringing it to over 62 million units

    Good news, I guess. More people buying games will hopefully bring more good games. (And I won't be buying PS or Xbox in the nest 5 years anyway, so more power to Nintendo thanks) Considering Nintendo now has the "original Switch"(and the updated with longer lasting battery), and the Switch...
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