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    Hacking Suikoden PSP translation (i know)

    I know this i the wrong section. But many prob. doesnt know this exist. And i want to help getting this translated. First step is to make it known! So if anyone want to help out, head to:
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    Gaming Half Minute Hero 2 translation

    For those of you who can understand Japanese and wants to help translate games, head over to They are currently trying to translate Half Minute Hero 2.
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    Hacking Softmod my wii to play imported games

    Hi. Im gonna softmod my wii using the link below. I do it mainly because i want to play my imported Wii and GC games. Is this possible?
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    Hacking Downloaded wii save file show up as ?

    I have this downloaded wii save file that ive downloaded for smash bros brawl and ive followed tutorials and have the right folder hirarchy, name combination and gamecode.And made sure its a pal-save. the save file is named data.bin. But in my wii save management it shows up as ???? No icon no...
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    ROM Hack Translation Groups

    I know there is a couple of fan translation groups for the DS out there. One is Absolute Zero and another one is Crimson Nocturnal. What i want with this thread is for you guys to post about groups. Their website, what theyre working on and so on. Crimson Nocturnal: Games: Tales of Hearts...
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    Gaming The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road

    Why hasnt any group released this game? Its out in the US
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    Gaming Luminous Arc 3!!!!

    First time ive heard of it. Luminous Arc 3 is announced. We dont know much but we got 4 pictures.
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    Gaming Shining Force Feather

    Will it come to the US? Does anyone has any solid info? It was discussed when the game was released in Japan. There isnt an active translation group translating this game from what i can tell. It is a shame if we dont get this game:( The TBS Shining Force series is on of the best series i have...
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    Hacking Recommend a SDHC card

    I have a Sandisk 8gb class 6 card and i want another class 6 card but not sandisk... My "ultra II" card is messing with me... Its slow and sometimes my DS cant read my flashcart (ive tested 3 flashcards with my memory stick and its the memory sticks fault). So what brand should i buy...
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    Hacking Cheapest flatmii store?

    As the title:P Cheapest flatmii store?... its very expensive
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    Wich is your favorite console of all time?

    Wich of the following consoles have brought you the most joy through the years? 1 choice only ^^ Playstation 2 wins by far imo (RPG fan), DS comes close.
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    Hacking GTA chinatown wars problems

    Hi. I have searched for it and there talk about it but i cant find a patch file or anything. Can you please help me? The game starts with two black screens on my Sakura 1.35. Im new to the card, and i mean NEW . -What programs do i need to patch it? -Where do i get the patch? -If it isnt a...
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    Hacking AKAIO questions

    No this topic is not about the pros and cons. Its about videos. The homebrew dsmplay is on AKAIO right? Now then. Where do i put the video files? How do i convert to dsm file format? Please help a noob Note: Ive searched to forum and havnt found anything about this. EDIT: I do not...
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    Hacking Why should i use AKAIO?

    Can someone please list the ups and downs with the original firmware and AKAIO? I dont understand why i should use AKAIO Thanks
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    Hacking Sandisk vs Transcend

    Yo. I have an Sandisk mobile Ultra 8gb SDHC class 6 card but im thinking of switching to a transcend 8 gb class 6 card. Should i? I think i have some speedproblems on my DS (laggy). But that might be my Acekard 2 acting up or maybe i formatted the card wrong (i used the... program everybody...
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    Ps2 similar site to gbatemp?

    Is there one? Or remotely similar? A site with translation hacks/patches, reviews and so on just like this amazing site:D
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    Hacking globalsettings.ini questions

    Hi! I dont want to have any other software on my Acekard 2... The B... software... thingie or AKAIO ^^ anyway Is there a way in the globalsettings.ini file to change so the card autolaunches on start instead of waiting for me to start it? And have you guys any general parameters tips...
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    Hacking Soft reset

    Is there a way to make this option always active? Meaning not needing to config a game each time i play it if i want the function or not (M3 REAL/Sakura)? Im split between M3 (Sakura pref.), CycloDS.
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    Hacking R4 SDHC card popping up here and there

    Hi. I just want help to see if this card is real or not. Ive been ordering from this site before (playstation 2 - matrix infinity) and that turned out to be genuine. And does anyone here have definite proof that the R4 team has been working on/released a SDHC supported cart? Here's the link...
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