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    Hacking Wii Cheats Request

    Does Anyone make Cheat Codes ? im looking for someone to help me make a gekco cheat code ? i have searched here (list of codes)*&l=h & Here no luck on finding...
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    Homebrew Question Help is what i need

    i used choi to update my console when selected reboot it didnt boot back up just a black screen any help ?
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    Homebrew Question (HELP) Im Trying To Get into Hekate payload (im having an issue)

    im trying to load Hekate - my switch is off - Enterd RCM - I Inject hekate_ctcaer_5.5.1 - GEt an Error ok im at the backend hekate ctcaer mod v5.5.1 (page) i press Launch i press CFW i get Failed to Apply nosigchk not sure what to do ... any help ?
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    Homebrew Question Noob Question : Scared & Would like Someone To Hold My Hand In This Process ...

    Hi Everyone Good Day , Hope Everyone is Staying Safe Im a noob and yes Embarrassing as it may seem... yes , my title is fact ... i need someone to literary be here to guide me step by step ... so im looking for someone with patience and willing to dm or have discord i previously asked...
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    Homebrew Question Nintendo Switch Question : Advice Needed Regarding Hacked Switch ... ???

    Hi Everyone let me Explain my situation of what i seek advice and help i Just bought a second hand switch (First Gen) i wanted to jailbreak it so i looked up a tutorial this method i used installed some games , fun system and enjoy it alot...
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    Looking For Someone Skillful in Making Graphic Outputs

    Do you know of anyone or could recommend anyone who is Skillful in Making Graphic Outputs on Emulators ? im looking for someone to design a Crosshair for the Emulator pcsx-ir rearmed in retroarch on the RetroPie raspberry pi
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    Hardware Ps3 Mad Dog McCree Problem / Question

    I have an issue on my ps3 please beware i dont know very much regarding hdmi , composite or resolution my ps3 hdmi slot went out a month ago , im forced to play games using composite output i have had no issues with any game .... until ... I wanted to play "Mad Dog McCree" ... I get this...
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    Gaming Dosbox Question: Need Help making a Conf file to run a Game

    My son wants this Peter Pan Game on dosbox , i tried Several Attempts last night but couldnt figure out how to run it ... it runs after the install just fine ... but when i tried to make a conf file it doesnt run ... can someone make the conf for this file to run for me ? Thank you , Would...
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    Homebrew Wii Genesis Plus Question : light gun game issue

    I seem to be having an issue with a light gun game on the Genesis Plus emulator im playing " Who Shot Johnny Rock (Sega CD) " and im unable to use any of the light gun options that i use for the Genesis games it Only allows me to use the Mouse option , and with the Mouse "Boy Does It Lag &...
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    Light Gun Question REQUEST : PS MOVE / PS MOTION on RETROPIE ?

    is it possible to have a ps move / ps motion (With Ps EYE Camera) controller on retropie / raspberry pie ? is there an easy set up for it ? could someone who owns a ps move and camera write a step by step installation guide ? Could The Ps move act as a light gun , like Aimtrak & Sinden Light...
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    Hacking PS3 Artemis Question ? ... Request for Help With a Game File

    im having an issue with an Artrmis Cheat Code here is the file (im having an issue with ) i use Artmis codes for every game i play on the ps3 ... with this game the code, it doesnt seem to take effect ... The Game is Castle Crashers 1.00 .... if Anyone would...
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    Gaming Request : LightGun Retroarch

    Hi , im been away from the wii scene for a while now i was curious did anyone Ever Update or Modifie Retroarch for Wii with "Wiimote lightgun" Support ? Hope Someone could Link me if there is one or if not could update me on the status if there is ever going to be one Thank you...
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