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  1. Velotix

    SOPA update: Congress downloads porn while trying to shut down the Net

    Sadly they've ingrained themseleves way too much to get out by usual means... Anyone care to try and Akumetsu them? Just kidding of course.....Just...Kidding...
  2. Velotix

    SOPA update: Congress downloads porn while trying to shut down the Net

    ....*Snickers* This is just to great!
  3. Velotix

    RUMOR Supposed Super Smash Bros Universe New Character List

    Why has the next Smash Brothers name been settled as "Universe" by the internet? Each one has had a bigger form of fight for its name, meele to brawl. Maybe Bar Fight?.... Okay fine, Super Smash Brothers War. Oh, And list is horribly fake.
  4. Velotix

    Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition announced for DS

    Yeah. New different pokemon game. I'll get it for sure. Yea change. Don't want your series to stagnate do you?
  5. Velotix

    New Tales of Innocence-R Trailer

    RITA!!!! RITA!!!! Oh, And HOT SPRINGS!!! HOT SPRINGS!!! Okay I'm done.
  6. Velotix

    Piracy Bill

    From what I could glean from this... The man not on the payroll of the government or Hollywood says that this bill is a horrible idea and cause some big damage. The man on the payroll of Hollywood says that it is totally not going to do any damage at all and everything will be all hunky dory...
  7. Velotix

    Tales of Graces F: Trailer - "Friendship"

    Oh God... Now I'm remembering the Dev room for MML3. I don't want to remember it! Er ON topic, I think I'll take my sweet time in buying this one. Don't really know why but I just do.
  8. Velotix

    [FAKE] Miyamoto stepping down from big projects

    First I was sad, then i realized he just wants to start working on more projects himself. I loved it when he made (?) Pikmin. Hopefully he can get out a few more good series for Nintendo before he eventually croaks and everyone (But the idiots and trolls) mourns for him.
  9. Velotix

    Monster Hunter 3G demo shows 30 to 60fps

    Huh? Framerate? You mean that thing I never care about? It's going to have 30-60? Cool I guess. Now What I really care about is that I may be needing to grow another arm or hand...
  10. Velotix

    Monster Hunter 4 Concept Footage Was Playable

    Woah... If I can actually do most of those things in 4.... Well, I'll easily put it at least 100 hours just climbing around like an idiot. Also, I pretty sure that Hunters thoughts the whole time were, "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!"
  11. Velotix

    First Pokemon 15th Movie Info

    Eh. I always thought the pokemon movies were okay. Some were pretty good though. Maybe I'll like this one. It does have that kick butt Ice Dragon in it.
  12. Velotix

    Gamestop prices Vita Memory Cards and Accessories

    Woah. Never mind. I was going to buy a Vita a month or two after it came out but the price for these memory cards! Yeah, Unless I can use my army of memory cards on it I'm out until I can. Or until the memory card price drops. What ever comes first I guess.
  13. Velotix

    Gaming CVG Reviews Mario Kart 7 And Says It’s The Best Mario Kart Game Ever

    What?? Less items rushing at me from all directions? FINALLY!!!
  14. Velotix

    Rumor:Microsoft in 'early stages of licensing' with Sony for K

    And then Nintendo gives joins up and makes the T.V near invincible...
  15. Velotix

    Mother 3 handbook available for purchase once again, costs $20

    Oh crap! I missed this the first time. I can't miss this again!
  16. Velotix

    Nippon Ichi Hints at Big Things to Come

    Oh God I loved ZHP. That'd be cool if they make another one.
  17. Velotix

    American Censorship Day

    So the Senate is trying to look relevant again huh? Those poor bastards. But really, Trying to censor the INTERNET is damn near impossible. This seems more likely to hurt then senate rather then make them look good.
  18. Velotix

    Final Fantasy XV Could Be Action-RPG

    No, They'll make it a hack and Slash. ...Actually I might play that just see how it'd work.
  19. Velotix

    PETA's at it again...

    O_O Well, That's news to me. Damn. They kill that many perfectly good pets and try to hide it but OH LORD Since Mario is wearing a Tanuki suit he must of clearly skinned one of the things. Better make a horrible and ugly flash game to show how evil Mario really is and try and say that his...
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