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  1. aur

    Gaming [UK/EUR] Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Bundle

    Not sure if this is a Europe only thing, but for £59.99 from the Nintendo store you can pre-order the limited edition bundle which includes: Mario Kart 8 Game Bullet Bill t-shirt Blue Shell Figurine Shell Keyring I'm really tempted to cancel my standard edition amazon pre-order as it looks...
  2. aur

    Gaming [UK] Rayman Legends down to £23.99 on eShop

    nice discount and cheaper than retailers for the moment! (shhh, I know you can get it for less on xbox and ps3, but this is the definitive version) getting very temped to pick this up - I miss the Challenge App and you can only play "Castle Rock" so many times!
  3. aur

    Gaming The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - New Trailer

    Looks fantastic - really looking forward to release date now!
  4. aur

    Gaming Wii Party U Bundled with a Wii Remote Plus, it seems to also include a tabletop stand for the GamePad Personally, I will be getting this for the Wii Remote Plus, so I consider the game a freebie!
  5. aur

    Gaming Wii Sports Club

    At the end of that Wii Fit U Nintendo Direct [at 17m 49s] was an announcement for Wii Sports Club: re-releases of the original Wii Sports with: updated HD graphics mandatory(?) support for Wii Remote Plus...
  6. aur

    Hardware Mario & Luigi Themed Wii Remote Plus

    I know that this might technically belong in the Wii Hardware section, but these limited edition Mario & Luigi Wii Remote Plus controllers are interesting:
  7. aur

    Gaming Wii Fit U - free trial (cheap full upgrade)

    Didn't see this mentioned anywhere else after the Nintendo Direct announcement ... Basically, if you download the free 31-day trial before 31st Jan you can upgrade it to the full version just by getting hold of the Fit Meter...
  8. aur

    Gaming [E3] New Super Luigi U

    I think I will be getting this on day 1 from the eShop ... gotta get me some new levels! not sure about Nabbit though...
  9. aur

    Gaming [E3] The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

    I've already preordered!
  10. aur

    Gaming The Wonderful 101

    not sure about this one, but I am more than a little intrigued about the 5 player multiplayer mode... (see nintendo direct at 25m4s)
  11. aur

    Gaming Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

    just to create a thread... quite enjoyed the Wii one, this has a couple of interesting ideas
  12. aur

    Gaming Super Mario 3D World

    [source] Another E3 annoucement :-) The more I think about this, the more I'm looking forward to it. I was totally underwhelmed to begin with, but I think it has a lot of potential. 4 player multiplayer in 3D should be interesting, but the new power up? not so sure ... yet!
  13. aur

    Hardware [UK/EU] Wii U Pro Controller £26.13 at amazon

    nice price if you're after one: edit: back to normal price - hope you got one if you needed one!
  14. aur

    Gaming Road Redemption adds Wii U support

    If this gets funded it's heading for the Wii U; it's a "spiritual successor" to Road Rash :) Here's the Kickstarter: A pledge of $17 (Wii U TANOOKI TIER) gets you the Wii U digital version (plus Win/Mac/Linux if you want it)
  15. aur

    Gaming is Tank! Tank! Tank! worth it?

    I've tried the eShop DL version, and it seems quite fun in multiplayer but the free to play modes are quite limited and it doesn't feel like I've seen enough of the game to make an informed decision (Story Mode, My Kong etc.) Unfortunately I missed out on the 80% discount eShop sale so I can...
  16. aur

    Gaming Darksiders 2 & Sonic Racing Transformed £15 each

    Darksiders 2 via Zavvi: Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing: Transformed from ZavviOutlet via PlayTrade:
  17. aur

    Hardware Wii U Premium Pack (NintendoLand) £225 at

    nice price for anyone slow on the uptake like me :-) edit: back to normal price
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