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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Visual novel suggestions?'

    Planetarian is pretty short but its nice ef the fairy tale of the two is very pretty
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'asdf . exams this week .'

    Kinda like history? About our study methods, I do mine because it works for me. You have to find somethign that'll work for you.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'asdf . exams this week .'

    Me too. I 'study' (really doing homework because I dont' do much more than that) during spawn times :) And I woudln't call it studying reading Psychology if its interesting, then its just reading Speaking of which, I have finals this week. Guess I'll be playing plenty of TF2
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Steam, now I've done it'

    Be careful, I've spent probably at least 500$ on Steam (It's those damn $2 or 5 sales that add up I'm really tempted to buy Dead Space which is 6.80$.) Has been my source of game purchases for the last 3 years, except for Starcraft II. Can't do both? I still have never purchased a PSP or DS...
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'My dad went on a rant.'

    Anywhere near me? Near Monterey Park. Does that mean you don't play games right now? You could also question his knowledge about college. If he's been there before, say times have changed. If not, tell him whatever he hears from radio/TV could be completely wrong and since you are going to be...
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'My dad went on a rant.'

    I've done that too in my sophomore year of highschool where I never did math homework but did relatively well on the tests. And failed. People where I live would ask 'Is he Asian?' :P Other than that, I've convinced my parents that if they 'take everything away' I'd have no motivation to do...
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Just got a letter from my ISP'

    Last time I went there, my cousins had faster internet than me :| But seriously, I torrent alot, private trackers are win. Else, PeerBlock And no seeding.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'My collection of guide books'

    I used to have a pokemon sapphire one somewhere. That thing was in pieces last I checked.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Buying new 'phones, maybe.'

    I need to find a torrent to abingdon road, got flacs for the other
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Buying new 'phones, maybe.'

    Why don't I have that song, its awesome. Been listening to Stealth by them too, that's nice :P
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'stupid teacher...'

    Would suggestion ignoring her in every possible way, or purposely doing all that just to see how far she'll go. :P on your other topic: Yeah I watched Code Geass a while ago too, its pretty good.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in '/me Stays'

    Welcome back stranger I don't know.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Teacher's hate USB's?'

    I don't start till the 9th xD Don't use USB, if the computers are old like the ones at my school, the USB read/write will be slower then the CD read speeds. In freshmen year, my teacher pretty much gave us an hour of free time on computers in 3rd period. So I've setup self extracting/install...
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Left 4 Dead'

    I'd say it gets boring pretty fast, but the SDK was just released, so me and my 3 friends have been trying new maps mostly.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'THE SAT.'

    I'm in California and next week is last week of school. Besides that I'll have to take the SAT eventually too :( Hope its easier then.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Dsi hate over a GBA slot?'

    Backwards comparability is a big plus for any system. Why else play GC on a Wii? Or PS1 on PS2? or PS2 on PS3? Means you have more games to choose from.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'I can't watch Cloverfield ;_;'

    Lmao Never watched Cloverfield, but don't really care? I don't watch much movies
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Happy but sad news! It's bye for a while...'

    I'll always love you... Hope you come back in one piece And that your PC doesn't die without GBAtemp Same to you too.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'Going to California!'

    ooh I live in LA, I'll come wiht you.
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    Comment by 'Diablo1123' in 'I just dropped my iPhone on my nose'

    Reading the title makes me wonder whether its the phone or the nose bleeding?
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