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    Hacking Official Xbox One Retroarch Thread

    Hello, I have a problem with the dependency files i have to install alongside the RetroArch UWP file through the Xbox devmode Webportal, because i can't seem to upload them accordingly, it just doesn't accept them. So my question is if someone in here could post a >working< dependency-file...
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    Hacking USB Mass Storage Support!!!!!

    Damnit i want more Wii internal memory so i can store more VC and WiiWare games
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    Hacking Waninoko wad manager 1.3 help usb support

    Hello I to got the same error-message posted previously. So i want to update to version 1.3, but where do i place the boot.dol file? I read somewhere that it needs to be in the ''APPS''-folder, is that true? And what do i do then in the HBC? I'm sorry for this noobish questions but i can't seem...
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