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  1. Luxrayss

    ROM Hack Is there a way to install Minecraft Bedrock mods on Switch?

    Last year I tried to use Checkpoint to add Maps and mods, but only maps worked, so I thought that it wasn't possible yet. Now this year a new update was released where mod support was added to the game and free mods on marketplace was added too, I didn't tested using checkpoint again cuz it's...
  2. Luxrayss

    ROM Hack Dragon Quest Builders 2 save

    Does someone have a Dragon Quest Builders 2 save for switch? the ones from eevee project on tinfoil isn't working
  3. Luxrayss

    ROM Hack Question Azur Lane Crosswave save

    Do someone have a azur lane save for switch or do someone knows how to use pc saves on switch?
  4. Luxrayss

    ROM Hack Azur Lane Crosswave Save File

    Does someone have or knows where do i find azur lane crosswave save files? I couldn't find it on tinfoil.
  5. Luxrayss

    Hacking Game cartridge doesn't work after downgrade

    I done a downgrade on my Switch from 11.0.0 to 10.0.2 with nand backup, and now Atmosphere crashes when I put a game cartridge, is there a way to fix it without updating the switch again?
  6. Luxrayss

    ROM Hack Question How do I install mod on Skyrim Nintendo Switch?

    Each place say a different thing, one of those places said that I need to download a software and... nothing... they just said to download that software. So, how do I install mods on skyrim?
  7. Luxrayss

    Hacking Question I tried to put my switch on rcm mode but it doesn't turn on

    how to fix? tried long press power button
  8. Luxrayss

    Hacking If I restore the emunand back will it be back to the previous version?

    I updated my switch to 11.0.0, but Atmosphere stoped working, so I If I restore the emunand back will it be back to the previous version?
  9. Luxrayss

    ROM Hack Question How to use Creator code ACNH on CFW Switch

    I have a CFW Switch, and I can't use internet on it cuz it's banned, so I can't use ACNH creators code on able sisters, is there another way to get clothes from those codes without going online with the switch? Some way like the AC Pattern Tool can do with QR Codes. Or maybe, is there possible...
  10. Luxrayss

    ROM Hack Question Tinfoill doesn't download some games

    I have 8,5GB free on my SD, but when I try to download a game 7,4GB game appears "failed" on it's status. How can I fix this?
  11. Luxrayss

    ROM Hack How to use custom designs on ACNH without nintendo switch online APP

    Is there a way? My switch have cfw
  12. Luxrayss

    Hacking Question How do I connect My AC New Horizons to NookLink with Atmosphere installed

    I'm trying to sync my ACNH with the Nintendo Switch app so I can use custom pro designs from internet, but when I try to go online the error 2124-4618 and I think that it's because of my atmosphere, how can I fix this?
  13. Luxrayss

    Hacking My Switch isn't auto booting on CFW

    I've already set on hekate to auto boot in Atmosphere, but when i turn on my Switch the CFW didn't loaded, so every time i have to conect it on my pc to inject the payload again and launch the cfw manualy. Is there any solution?
  14. Luxrayss

    Hacking I have a Wii U with Moon Launcher and I want to format it

    I have a Wii U with Moon Launcher and I want to format it, is there a risk of the console end up being bricked? Or it will just wipe out everything on it and I'll have to install the homebrew again?
  15. Luxrayss

    Hacking Weird memory usage on my Wii U

    I have the 32GB version and my memory got loaded with just zelda, splatoon and mario installed, but when i saw the memory usage on console's config, only 22gb was being used for this games, so where's the other 10gb? Is there a software that let's me check the console's NAND to see if there's no...
  16. Luxrayss

    Hacking Can't use HID to VPAD to play COD BO2 multiplayer

    I'm trying to play COD BO2 local multiplayer, but when I use the HID to VPAD it auto recognize as controller 1, insted of controller 2, is there any way to change it on HID to VPAD? Or am I doing something wrong and COD BO2 doesn't support Gamepad and Pro Controller for multiplayer splitscreen?
  17. Luxrayss

    Hacking Error 199-9999 when trying to launch games with CFW

    I already had launched Mocha CFW to play Xenoblade that I download with USB Helper, but that error keeps showing up. Is there any fix?
  18. Luxrayss

    Hacking Wup installer error

    I'm trying to install games on my Wii U with Wup installer, but it showed me the following error: "not a game game update dlc demo or version title" Then I downloaded other version of Wup installer and another error appeared: "title.tik missing or corrupted" But that error happens for every game...
  19. Luxrayss

    Hacking Can someone convert those NDS games to WUP pls?

    For some reason Injectiine isn't running on my PC, the CMD windo just open and then close real quick, and I want to play some NDS games on my Wii U. Can someone conver those games and put they in a .RAR, plz? -Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime -Pokemon Volt White (Or just Pokemon White) -Dragon...
  20. Luxrayss

    Hacking Mocha offline launch?

    Is there a way to launch Mocha CFW offline? Before I use Mocha I was using IOSHAX and it had a self hosted browser exploit in the files in SD, and hat gave me a though, is it possible to use something like this to launch Mocha offline?
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