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    Hacking in a rare spot

    So I just got bought a 3ds yesterday and just my luck it has 9.9 firmware on it and the 10.4 update just came out and I don't want to update..... so my question is can I get browserhax and homebrew? My searching sais no but I could be wrong..... any help would be great this site has and...
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    We have it pretty good nowdays

    I was playing around with some emulators today and I was thinking back in 1990,91 getting a single game from the store was a huge deal. Now thanks to todays tech and some real talented coders out there, there is a h u g e amount of gaming at our fingertips....idk just random bs I was thinking...
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    Hacking bypass the gc launcher loader screen?

    I could have swore there was a mod that bypassed the load option screen on the gamecube backup launcher does any one have any ideas?
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