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    Comment by 'MAD_BOY' in 'Ate Big Mac, heart area did not hurt'

    OBJECTION The Oreo McFlurry is delicious!
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    Comment by 'MAD_BOY' in 'Veganism...minor rant...'

    I'm sorry, but that made me giggle.
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    Comment by 'MAD_BOY' in 'Damn, it is hard as a moderator.'

    Just ban them already.
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    Look what I just got...

    This morning I got recieved my prizes, gotta love DX's fast shipping :) For the people that didn't know, I picked an AK2 and a 4-pack of retractable styli/styluses/whatever you name them. PICS! (excuse me for the terrible quality, my phone's cam sucks) Once again, thanks to Sonicslasher for...
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    Comment by 'MAD_BOY' in 'One year anniversary at GBATemp'

    You call 300 in 1 year a record low? :P
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    MAD_BOY's Blog

    MAD_BOY's Blog
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    MAD_BOY's Blog

    MAD_BOY's Blog
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