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    Homebrew Ninjihax error after downgrading to 9.2?

    Hey everyone, I've tried googling this but I haven't found anything concrete. I had a 10.7 N3DSXL that I just downgraded (maybe successfully?) with the Ninjhax 2.6 exploit. Ninjhax was working fine until the downgrade and then it stopped working. The settings say that I'm on 9.2.0-20U and...
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    Hacking Just got my EZ Flash iV in the mail, need help :(.

    Well for starters I'm using 1.72 firmware (the newest) and I was wondering if there's anyway that I can manually write games to the NOR? I don't know what buttons to hold or anything like that. I'm trying to play chain of memories and eventually rewrite it to Mother 3. I looked around the wiki...
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    Hacking EZ Flash iV needs miniSD? That's realhotstuff (of course) and it gives me the option of adding a 1 GB microSD card...can I use that or not? Thanks, I'm very new to GBA flashcarts (not DS or PSP "hacking" though) and it seems like the "scene" is kind of dead so...
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    Hacking Can you download DSi Ware games on this?

    Not asking for a website or something, just asking if it's possible. Will they show up as extra blocks or not?
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    Hacking I'm getting a 3DS, RE DS, and a Supercard DS2 for my birthday

    What should I expect to do? Will my flashcart work out of the package? Do I need to do anything in particular to make it work? Will updating to play RE DS make it not work? I've done some research...apparently you need a DS to make your Supercard DS2 work...that's not a problem if it's true...
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    Hacking Are you sticking with the manufacturer or moving on?

    My only flashcart of all time has been the CycloDS Evolution. It is so easy to use for me, and I love it. My question is, should I go with the iEvo to keep supporting this great team, or move on to what everyone seems to think is the best, Supercards DStwo?
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    Gaming How do you do special moves on Hajime no Ippo fighting button style?

    Yea, there's like some weird symbol above X+A and I can't figure out what that means =\.
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