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  1. Super1710

    Hacking Modify partition size without wiping data?

    Is it possible to modify the partition size of say, an android installation, without having to wipe/repartition the SD card entirely?
  2. Super1710

    Hacking Formatted CFW 2ds - Now stuck on Luma v7.1

    I just formatted a Luma CFW Old2ds. Now, the system always boots into Luma v7.1 regardless of what version I put on the SD card. I have also put payloads such as Godmode9 to resolve the issue, but the Luma chainloader does not load. It's as though the files on the SD card aren't being...
  3. Super1710

    Homebrew Attempting to hack 3DS using DSIware transfer method, stuck on a white screen

    I start the game and the menu doesn't show up. Strangely enough, when I use an older version of b9stool the menu shows up but as soon as I upgraded to the newer one (as the old one wouldn't work on my firmware) it gets stuck on a white screen and nothing happens. When I was testing if it worked...
  4. Super1710

    Hardware Transfer Data from CFW New 3ds to CFW o2DS

    My CFW New 3ds broke so I'm wondering if I get an adapter for my microsd and insert it into my CFW o2ds will all of my installed games work? Aside from n3ds exclusive games of course.
  5. Super1710

    Hardware New 3ds cracked screen, many dead pixels.

    So, I messed up. I got a crack on my screen, at first there were a few dead pixels and it was pretty small, but it was annoying nonetheless. Slowly but surely, the dead pixels disappeared... until the crack expanded further and further and now there are dead pixels all over the top of the...
  6. Super1710

    Homebrew [Request] Amiibo Emulation

    Recently the 3DS scene got an Amiibo emulation app ( which emulates an amiibo being scanned with an existing dump of an Amiibo. Would something similar be possible on Wii U?
  7. Super1710

    Homebrew Injecting DS Rom loader into download play?

    Since the 3ds boots into 3ds mode when it starts download play with DS games would it be possible to replace the file the 3ds boots into with a Rom loader or something to that effect. I'm not saying this is plausible as I don't have any knowledge on the nitty gritty of hacking I'm just sharing...
  8. Super1710

    Hardware 3DS won't read any game cartridges.

    All of sudden my CFW New 3DS (Small) can't read game cartridges, the last game I had in was working and I took it out and hadn't put a game in for over a week and no none of my game carts show up on the menu, I blew into the cartridges and the slot but no luck. Sending it to Nintendo isn't an...
  9. Super1710

    Hacking Flashcarts on ebay?

    I want a less shady place to get a flashcarts, I know they are banned for ebay but sometimes they are are sold by weird names, all I can find is an r4i shed by, which is pretty useless to me. How can I find flashcarts on ebay?
  10. Super1710

    Hacking or

    I'm not sure where to get an r4i gold 3ds card from, is gbatemp's sponsor, but /r/flashcarts doesn't have it on their sidebar but they do recommend Which is safer, and which ships faster?
  11. Super1710

    Hacking USB loader gx SD card support?

    Is there any sort of modified USB loader gx with support for loading Wii games from an SD card? GameCube games load fine on the SD card but Wii games don't. I did switch to cfg loader but I prefer USB loader's UI and design in general. I don't mind wether it's for the original Wii or vWii, I...
  12. Super1710

    Homebrew Will it be possible to use Wii U gameplay in vWii?

    I feel like this is the last big thing missing from the molding scene. It would be great to play GameCube and Wii games on it and you can use it while someone else is on the tv. Nintendo themselves said you'd be able to use the Wii u gamepad as a classic controller in Wii games that supported it...
  13. Super1710

    Homebrew Updating Wii U

    I've been thinking of hacking my Wii U for a while now using the loadiine method but at the same time I don't want to lose access to Nintendo's online services such as the eshop, and miiverse. Also if I can transfer any of my Wii U data to the Nintendo Switch when it finally comes I'm presuming...
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