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  1. almmiron

    I've just bought from a Guy who doesn't know nothing. So I want to figure it out.

    Like the title say: I've just bought a console and have some doubts, never messed with ogxbox stuff. Historic of things: 1. First thing, by the look of it, and confirmed in the system dash, it is 1.6 mobo. So, no removing any capacitors, right? 2. I have opened it and it have a aladin chip...
  2. almmiron

    Hacking How to convert saves from acekard 2i to twilight menu ++

    Well, in 2014 i had a acekard2i, which I backup a lot of saves all 512kb used on ds lite. I've bought recently a DSi, and installed only twilight menu, booted some games and the generated savs ons sav folder of TM++ is only 256k Well i tried the obvious: replace, but nothing. Tried to...
  3. almmiron

    Hacking help me to remember what I did with my 3ds back in 2017.

    I took the dust off The old.3ds after 3 years, and I can't remember What i Did. Cant initialize homebrew launcher, what I want. My clue is this backup of 2017 folder: Do I need to open emunand to acces homebrew?, I mean, I cant really remember, scene back there where so fast that I got lost...
  4. almmiron

    Hardware How to get official usb guitar hero Microphone to work on wii?

    I've bought The drums of GHWT, and came with official guitar hero mic. I cant get it to work: Scenario: game: Guitar hero world tour, through usbloaderGX, d2xciosv8beta, via (edge)usb. Mic is connected on usb port (inner) Wiimote1 is connected on drums, works fine wiimote2 as player 2...
  5. almmiron

    Hardware Wii auto turning on some times?

    Today I woke up, and noticed my wii was on. Turned it off, then couple minutes it went ON again. And again. And again, misteriously. My wiimotes are without batteries. Same thing. Now I took the plug of the wall. But I dont understand what could be happening. Someone already had this problem?
  6. almmiron

    Homebrew Wii emulators cheat question

    I have a little daughter to play some nes games, but well, she's little. They are nes game. So, cheat is necessary. There some way i can pack a bunch of cheat for the famous games? Or do I must find and create one cht file per game mannualy? The question is valid for the other wii emulator as...
  7. almmiron

    Homebrew Best snes emulator for wii?

    I've tested the retroarch's core, snes9xGX and some of it's mods, like 9xRx. Even on super mario world, not a special chip game, 9xGX and RX introduces some fps drops on the water level (yoshi's island 4): If you pick up the star and start running, then you'll notice. In retroarch 1.8.5 core...
  8. almmiron

    Hacking Help me with switch nand backup structure! I made this backup several months before, and I really dont remember what the correct structure for this besides the rawnand.bin and the boot0/1 files. What about these other folders/files from the photo above? What they are exactly...
  9. almmiron

    Hacking Help me buy a FAT PS3 in 2020!

    I'm new to ps3 homebrew, and about to buy a fat ps3 for real Backwards compatibility for ps1 and ps2 games from HDD and have some doubts. 1. Any model recommendation or to avoid? Whats the newest methods for softmodding for my purposes. 2. Any HDD recommendation? 3. Reliable Tool to dump my...
  10. almmiron

    Homebrew Question How to manage and operating different sysmodules at the same time(atmosphere)?

    I've been using kosmos toolbox, wich is pretty nice to accomplish that. It's allows me to easily choose which sysmodules I want to turn on or off. But to use some other apps, kosmos can be problematic. Whats the common practice to easily activate/deactivate the modules? One by one? I mean, I...
  11. almmiron

    Hacking Question Unrecognized not erasable installed title

    I've been installed some updates and titles normally for last days with tinfoil usb installation, and that appeared out of the blue: It keeps loading forever, and the "options" is not availabe when highlighted. I dont know whats it is, and how to get rid of it. Anyone? Running> ofw 8.0.1...
  12. almmiron

    Homebrew Proper HDD to use in wii (2019)

    I want to buy a new external hdd to use with wii, among other uses, I've sold my 1tb samsung one. The price per gigabyte in my country is best at 4tb size, so i've decided to get one of that, but, i have some concerns. Some time ago (2012 ish) i remeber only fat32 with cluster size of 32k is...
  13. almmiron

    Homebrew Need Help with SMB server on Wiixplorer + Windows share folder.

    I want acces my pc files from wiixplorer. I could it before using smb, but for whatever reason(propably windows 10) dont work anymore. WHAT I'VE DONE 1. a folder "wii folder" on my d: root. 2. Shared it via native windows share folder option, granted acces to all users, and even tried by making...
  14. almmiron

    Homebrew There is a way to auto set 240p for VC games?

    I want to autoset 240p on VC games that support it ( . Its kind of boring making the button combination trick to set 240p. Im using component cables on 480i CRT. And neek nand. Someone came up...
  15. almmiron

    Homebrew Reccomended setup for CD based games

    Wii has emulators of some CD based consols/add-ons like 1. PCE-CD 2. Mega-CD 3. NEOGEO-CD 4. PSX 5. SS I’m only heavy software tested the two first. So, for now, I’m only commenting these. If you want to... There’s lot of guides out there on how to rip your own cds, and how to...
  16. almmiron

    Complete Game Database

    I've been looked at some sites, searching for a complete list of all games for home consoles, arcade and pc. I don't have any interest on Browser and Cellphone games. I have find some. Trough them, i've noticed some few...
  17. almmiron

    Hacking little king's story (yet another issue with this game)

    Hello guys. Well, i have been searching a way to run this problematic game on my softmoded wii. -I have found some issues about this game, and want to know better about: 1. My console is ntsc. The game must be ntsc too? -I have been trying run trough patch video, changing ios in...
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