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  1. bluebowser31

    Gaming Pokemon black GL

    I was wondering if they said when it will be working (or if its already working, and i just cant get the button combo right on my japanese game ) Thanks again Oh and if it is working, could someone please tell me the button combo?
  2. bluebowser31

    Homebrew Playing compressed files

    Is there an emulator (or acekard 2i compatable firmware) that alows you to play .NDS files from a compressed folder, like a 7z, zip, or rar? *Also, what is the most current, or still best, NDS trimmer? I use NDSTokyotrim, but idk if theres a better one, considering its 2 years old* Thanks in...
  3. bluebowser31

    ROM Hack Faster working emulator

    Im not complaing, but i just want to know if there is a emulator faster than Dsmume (or watever spelling) but can still run and save pokemon black or white? (I know no$gba cant, but idk about others) Thanks in advance (my friend has LESS than 512mb of ram... and it run at about halfspeed on 9...
  4. bluebowser31

    ROM Hack Can freezing/black screens be fixed?

    well, didwe ever even make a patch that fixed the blackscreens/freezing on diamond/pearl? if so, platinum? if so, heartgold/soulsilver? i am askign becuase i havent heard about any of these, and would love to play black/white, even if it means buying an official game from japan (and yes, i know...
  5. bluebowser31

    Gaming top quality?

    on wikipedia it said that the wii can have quality of "480p (PAL/NTSC), 480i (NTSC) or 576i (PAL/SECAM), standard 4:3 and 16:9 anamorphic widescreen" so, which is the best quality (i would guess 576 cus its higher... but idk) and how do i achieve it? (and which is the best FREE quality also?)...
  6. bluebowser31

    Homebrew homebrew "os"

    Is there a program that can RENAME, cut, copy, paste, and delete whole files and folders? (or at least rename?) (i did a search, google was just like BOY U CRAZY) (the only things i NEED it to have is rename, and copy folders) thanks in advance
  7. bluebowser31

    Homebrew pcsx-revoltuion help

    i cant get it to play my favourite game ever made, team buddies. (it freezes at loading screen) my other game (dw3) worked great, which leads me to think its because the file type (dw3 is img, tb is bin) so if thats the case, does anyone know of a working free converter? and can i find a...
  8. bluebowser31

    Gaming classic vs gamecube

    should i get the classic contorller, or the gamecube controller? i have only 3 games which can use either, and both use both (mortal kombat, brawl, cart) and i dont have any gamecube games, and dont plan on buying any... maybe i also dont plan on getting ANY VC or WW, so its mainly for these 3...
  9. bluebowser31

    Hacking trusted places to buy?

    I wass wondering if You People knew some good legit places to buy the ds2. The only place i know of is shoptemp lol and has anyone heard of this site/ this seller? (i found a realy cheap 32 dolar ds2, from that seller up their, with free shipping)
  10. bluebowser31

    Hacking OMG (xl problems)

    i spent 30 mins this moring looking for the guide that tells you how to upgrade you acekard so it will work with a dsi, and couldnt find anything now i have a dsi (xl) but my acekard doesnt work in it, and i cant update it myself, and i dont know anyone who has a lite. so... are my options...
  11. bluebowser31

    Why not?

    Why hasnt there been a xbox emulator? Acording to what i know, the xbox had 64mb or ram. the wii has more than that, and there is already one. ive seen laptops with 8GB built in ram (and thats just laptops), i bet that could handel emulating 64mb, so what else matters? i guess what i basicaly...
  12. bluebowser31

    Hacking brick protection?

    well i am going to try to add a "theme" to my wii, and suposedly this can brick it. so is there something i can download so that it wont get bricked? (i searched brick protection here, didnt see anything) and maybe a program to add a theme? (if there is one? or do i just like install it?)
  13. bluebowser31

    Homebrew n64 possible?

    well, with the most recent flashcarts coming out having built in ram, enough to fully emulate gba, and if team twiizers realy unlocked dsi mode, then with that amount of ram combined, couldnt a n64 emu be possible?* at least at half speed? well i know ram isnt eveything, but it seems ds is...
  14. bluebowser31

    Homebrew OMG

    wow so close yet so far... ive been trying to get moonshell working sense the first day i got my acekard... still no luck I FINALY got it to do the loading screen (and not just an arm error, or a black screen) but it gets to 93% and then says the actual filesize and some other filesize are...
  15. bluebowser31

    Hacking "firmware"

    Firmware is the software that starts up your flash card right? Well, which do you think is the best one? (and why )
  16. bluebowser31

    Homebrew Dsi xl homebrew?

    Well, i know that the XL has the same screen resolution, but would it be possible to make a homebrew game that, for example, can view a picture in large screen size, but higher resolution? because sense the XL's pixles hopefully arent HUGE (like the terible resolution) couldnt this be possible...
  17. bluebowser31

    Homebrew internet browser OFF dsi

    is there an internet browser, like the dsi's one, but for the lite? i tried bujalo, the only page i could open was google (and on another topic, is there a ds game creator, for medium level designers? (i dont want it to be like freaking D.I.Y, but i dont want it to be like actionscript either))
  18. bluebowser31

    Hacking Got my acekard...

    Well it sounds stupid, but the only thing i know to do on my acekard right now is run a rom So what should i get? (I have checed the best 30 homrebrew thingy, and both emulators on ds pages, but there 3 are all almost a year old) Right now im just getting moonshell, lameboy, and that ipod...
  19. bluebowser31

    Homebrew this is wiitarded

    how do i get categorii to work? i have in the root of my sd, apps, then apps_emulators, apps-games, ext. in apps i have _app_emulators, ext. in other words its exactly the way 3 trees ive downloaded are, but when i put it in and run categori, it just "switches" but then still only shows the...
  20. bluebowser31

    Emulation Can someone clear this up?

    Ive been told all 3 sides so many times ive lost count, one time we got into a 2 hour argument of whether playing roms are illegal, and online i find all 3 answers, so can someone please clear this up, and maybe give a short reason why? (dont copy and paste the declaration of independence or...
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