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    Gaming Co-op wifi/local games.

    Are there any good games that are co-op wifi? My girlfriend and I get bored while staying up sleeplessly on skype at 3 AM and Facebook Battleship gets repetitive and boring. I'm getting her a Supercard DSTwo and I already have one, so we're covered in that department. I'm just curious if there's...
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    Wifi Loader and Rev11 and DC EMU

    [16:11] So waninkoko, what are you latest apps planned besides rev11? [16:11] i'm working in the wifi plugin for rev11 [16:11] wat [16:12] to allow games to be loaded though wifi [16:12] holyshitwtf [16:12] seriously? [16:12] it even works with 4.0 [16:12] haha, nice [16:12] you cease...
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    Crediar reveals a shocking BootMii secret

    [15:51] it has a time bomb [15:51] time bomb? [15:51] if you install any wads after you install BootMii, it will brick your wii. JUST CONFIRMED BY CREDIAR ON #SOFTMII
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    Hacking The main distinction between preloader and Starfall

    Since some people are stupid and can't realize this, I had to point it out. Preloader and starfall were both coded by crediar. What seems to amaze me is the fact that people still think StarFall is safer than preloader, for one reason or another. This is why preloader is MUCH safer. Starfall...
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    Hacking Quick question about possible bricked DSL.

    A few weeks ago, my DS's hinge cracked. I did a bit of research into it and apparently it was normal for DS's around my time. It was only a crack, I didn't see a big deal to make out of it. Then, the actual hinge completely broke off, and then the screen started shading in different shades of...
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    Hacking Power wire replacement/repair?

    Recently I had found out my hinge cracked in half on my DSlite. I did some research and saw that in '06 Nintendo admitted to it and fixed any consoles for free. Knowing this, I called them up, and of course the douchebags their CS is, they said that is no longer valid. They left me with 3...
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    Hacking Just a thought

    I am pretty much a noob at this hacking scene. I've hacked my wii and several others, and I can put two and two together pretty easily, so I rarely need to ask questions. I've been reading about the custom HS and stuff and how it replaces .apps on the wii. Would it be possible to replace a...
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    Hacking I have a choice between this and an Acekard(info inside)

    I found this for 6.xx and an acekard 2 for 9.xx i think. Are there any distinct differences between the 2 that I should know about? Use? Homebrew games, media(movies and music, mostly), and DS games. Price Range? Under 20 USD. Slot 1/2? 1 Built in or expandable memory? MicroSD, but onboard...
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    Hacking Which flash cart should i buy?

    I want the cheapest one possible, because my family doesn't really trust online stores with too much, but I want this out of the flash cart (at least) -Built in cheat engine -Music/media player -Auto Patching thingie -Supports AT LEAST download play, wifi is a bonus -SDHC support(not 100%...
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    I want to make a text hack of SMRPG, any help?

    Hi, I want to remake the text based on a forum I go to (not this one) The forum is currently in process of giving roles/making up a plotline (which I am in charge of) Now, I've never worked with any coding before, so I'm hoping I can get a LOT of help here. Are there any easy-to-use...
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