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    Hacking Tx modchip clones leaked

    Modchip clones have appeared on a Chinese forum. The post says this (translated by google): "New chips have appeared. Recently, Xianyu has a batch of chips that can be bought in large quantities, which only support the atmosphere, which is different from the previous chips of tx. Chips...
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    Hacking How to acces sd card as usb mass storage in MacOs?

    I usually access the sd card as usb mass storage in windows with CT Hekate usb tools, but it its not working in mac. The connection just times out and it never connects, I dont understand why this is happening, as CT Hekate usb mass storage its supposed to also work in mac os
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    Nintendo issues cease-and-desist for Switch modchip installation service

    Logistics Consulting LLC, which offered a “Nintendo Switch SX CORE SX LITE Mod Chip Service” on its website, has been sent a cease and desist letter from Nintendo lawyers. The company offered a installation service only but Nintendo lawyers argue that this violates the anti-circumvention and...
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    Hacking Change New 3ds region back to Japan from US

    I have a used "new" japanese 3ds, and i changed the region some time ago to US. I cannot access US eshop as expected, but now i want to change the region back from US to Japan to be able to download the 22 free DLC songs from Theatrhythm Dragon Quest. I have not found any way to add this songs...
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    Switch sales topped 830,000 over Thanksgiving week in best sales week ever in the U.S.

    Switch and Switch Lite systems sold a combined total of more than 830,000 units in the United States from November 24 to 30, according to Nintendo data, ranking as the single best week of U.S. sales in Switch history, Nintendo announced. Sales were bolstered in part by the recently released...
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    Hardware Switch Lite tear down

    This guy made a tear down video of the new switch lite its confirmed that the chip needed to output video through the USB-C port is missing.
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    ROM Hack Ni no Kuni ps3 save to switch?

    Is there a way to convert a ps3 save of ni no kuni to switch format??
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    Hacking Fw 9.0 released

    Do not update. New keys Update notes: Added the following system functionality: Added a search feature for the News Channel. Channels can be searched using filters or free text. Added “Display QR Code to Check In” to User Settings. You can display a QR Code on-screen to check in using...
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    Hardware FW 9.0 coming soon, message found on nintento store

    "A system update (version 9.0) is required to use the Super Nintendo Entertainment System controllers with a Nintendo Switch console."
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    Hacking HDD xci loading, sound stuttering

    Hi, i finally tried sx os hdd xci loading using 2.5 BETA and fw 6.2.0. I am using an old 2tb usb 2.0 external hard drive with power supply (bought in 2008 / 2009) that has no problems, with a read/write speed of about 30 mb/s according to crystaldiskmark, connected to the switch`s dock back usb...
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    Hacking Burned fuses by mistake, clean nand backup is of lower fw

    Probably theres nothing i can do, but I have a clean nand backup of fw 4.1, i updated my switch long time ago using rajikosto method (long guide) to 5.1, had only 5 burned fuses. I took a long flight with my switchs (autorcm) battery completely drained, i tried charging the switch with the...
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    Hacking Cannot get the exfat offline update to work

    I already closely followed the tutorials , searched, read every post and tried for 4 hours with no success. I cannot get this working My switch just doesnt boot, it hangs on the nintendo switch logo. Im on fw 4.1.0, i tried the tutorials with different games (kirby, street fighter 30th...
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    Hacking US games crashing on JAP N3ds XL

    I got a jap n3ds xl and modified it by following the guide (everything is at the latest version). I installed about 21 US games and luma locale switcher, I set all the games to US region and EN language. All games were downloaded from wii u usb helper and the same cias were installed in an US...
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    Hacking System transfer US old 3ds with CFW to JP new 3ds XL (no CFW, latest fw)

    So I have a US old 3ds with CFW and i recently got a used JP new 3ds XL with latest fw, according to the 3ds guide I should do a region change and system transfer to install CFW on the JP n3ds XL. Can i do a system transfer from a region changed 3ds?? Should i change my US old 3ds to Jp...
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    Hardware Used old 3ds ($50) vs used new 3ds XL ($100), is the $50 worth it?

    So im looking into buying a second 3ds for my GF, I still have and use a modified launch old 3ds. I can get a used old 3ds for $50, a used old 3ds XL for $65 or a used new 3ds xl for $100. I will of course modify it, and Im looking to spend as little as possible, but still im curious. Does...
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    Hacking How to have 2 different languages for text/voice in BOTW??

    Hi, I dont usually post, but after searching and trying everything i could think of, I finally gave up. I would like to play BOTW with english text and latin american spanish voice. My console language is set to english and my region to Mexico. I have CBHC 1.6, I installed the USA version...
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    Hacking Is it possible to recover data from a ps3 hard drive?

    I have 2 ps3, 1 was a launch phat version from where I played about 20 games, this ps3 was never modded and unfortunately it died recently My other ps3 is a slim one and I bought it used and modded. A lot of my saves are on the phat ps3 hard drive and I would like to recover them if...
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    Hacking psn vs disc games

    I just got a ps3 with rebug 4.46 and Im wondering which (pirated, of course ;)) version of a game is better to get for a modified ps3: the digital psn version or the retail disc version?? are they the same or are there any cons or pros in using one or another?? for example, can dlc be...
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    Hacking CFW or ODE??

    I have a launch 60gb phat ps3 CECHA01 model with OFW 4.46 i have bought over 25 ps3 games and like 10 psn games but now that ps4 is just around the corner, ps3 life cycle is ending, the scene is well established, i have decided to modify my ps3. I have been reading a lot about ps3 hacking...
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    Elevator beheads woman in Shenzhen, China

    I cannot believe this..... Just in China! Wow.... poor girl, now you know an elevator can kill you too.. watch yourself! Source: <snip> [Video snipped just in case.]
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