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    Hacking Can MT-CARD Cards play GBA Games like Gateway 3ds card?

    I Just viewed follow information from another website that said the mt-card also can use the same firmware to play GBA games as Gateway 3ds card, I am so confused by that, Follow is the detail information: "And this time, the official team released modified version of the MK01 Kernel ,named...
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    Hacking can I choose this cards from there?

    Hi Guys, it is my first time to ask question here! ALL you know the mothers' day is coming and I viewed here has a discount price for the cards, I Just interested in the MT-CARD , It seems their price are much cheaper in wholesale , but...
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    Hacking The r4i Dual core card has updated new firmware v1.34b.

    From the official website news , the official cards all released the newest firmware v3.4b, More follow: R4i sdhc dual core v3.4b update Fix RTS Game 6339 - Cats & Dogs2(US) 6440 - Dora's Cooking Club(Eu) Download R4i sdhc dual core v3.4b kernel This change...
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    Hacking The r4i sdhc rts card released the latest firmware v1.79b.

    long time no update, the r4i sdhc rts card has released the newest firmware v1.79b ,this update bring more RTS Games and Fix some RTS games white screen issues and bugs,more information view follow info.: R4i V1.79b Changelog: 1. Fix some RTS games white screen issues. 2. Fix some RTS games...
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