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    Hacking (HELP) Games gone, stuff overwritten

    Hey I have a big problem.. I had like 50 3ds Games/ FBI / Freeshop on my ds.. but they are all gone now. I wanted to install like 120 GBA games with FBI by using Install all cia and delete afterwards. After all my GBA games were installed.. I went back to my homescreen and all my 3ds games (...
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    Hacking Some Questions

    I have some questions i would like to ask. I have a new 3 Ds Xl with Luma software. My Questions are: I have a SD Card of 32GB and I would like to upgrade to 128gb SD Card. 1. I have read that the N3dsXl is only compatible with 32gb SD card, is this correct or false? can i buy a 128gb and use...
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